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Friday, March 23, 2012

Self-Censorship Training with Weibo

Radio Australia has one, too: a Sina Weibo account. Of course, they will have to watch their tongue, if I understand the rules more correctly than Deutsche Welle did. Weibo may, however, provide some good self-censorship training for foreign organizations, and that might be worth the trouble.

Many Happy Reincarnatons: Net Nanny, the Dismembered Internet Jingcha, and the Sliced Weibo account

Many Happy Reincarnatons: Net Nanny, the Dismembered Internet Jingcha, and the Sliced Weibo account

A Weibo account may be a good tool for an international broadcaster to promote its home country as a travel destination, and to “reach out” to “fans” in China (Radio Australia has more than 19,096, currently). But to me, Weibo is merely an account to listen, not to micro-blog myself. Once I’d have to reincarnate (转世), all previous activity would turn out to be wasted time.

Besides, once real-name registration is enforced – if that is going to happen -, it wouldn’t be JR’s platform anymore, anyway.

Or am I getting it all wrong?

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Net Nanny: Every Joke they Make

Only hours ago, I overheard a very strange remark by a comrade who is an online listener to a British radio station: “The theme tune of The Archers reminds me of  Monty Python.”

Now, Monty Python is a British dancing troupe with a decadent kind of “humor”. Of course it doesn’t matter, because The Archers is nothing serious, but  just a decadent soap opera without inspiring heros. Soap operas should have remained banned in our country, but unfortunately, they are no longer banned because Comrade Mingzhao is a wussy.

Up with People: Net Nanny and the Sacred-Motherland Dragonfly Choir

Up with People: Net Nanny and the Sacred-Motherland Dragonfly Choir

We have seen the consequences. Our teenagers have become addicted to shallow stuff which doesn’t create the right political attitudes. Soap operas which promote decadent luxurious lives and worship money send a very wrong message to our underlings. Only good cadres can handle luxury and money, and good cadres, not their money, should be worshipped.  The lame excuses a Taiwanese producer made, at a time when the renegade province was led by even more renegade people than now, is still worse. That retard suggested that

the series sets out to encourage young people to search for ‘true love’ and to remind them that power and money will never buy happiness.

Happiness isn’t important, and love? Love for what? This stuff is lacking definition, but it seems to refer to love between individuals which involves sex! Same as The Archers. Romances! And

Kenton Archer gets some stick for attempting to control Jolene.

Caroline Sterling gets plenty of sympathy from listeners

Caroline Sterling gets plenty of sympathy from listeners

Obviously, as this is a decadent soap, it has to wrongly suggest that control would be wrong. This kind of stuff alone is designed to sow discord within society. Historic soaps can also be problematic, because they may stir mislead feelings, and romantic concepts of so-called “justice”, but they aren’t quite as bad as The Archers or Meteor Garden because at least, only the imperial court and its serfs – although the imperial court wasn’t only bad, and we must emphasize its positive aspects, too – are shown in their decadence, as a shocking example what happens without correct guidance.

I encourage all comrades to lead by example and to listen to songs which show love for the motherland, and vigilance against imperialist foreign forces, at least once a week. Those of you who cadres who confiscate the MP3 players of their daughters and then secretly listen to them yourselves must stop this degenerating habit.

We have seen the corrosive effect of so-called “humor” on Western societies. Western politicians already hate us because our people aren’t as self-indulgent as theirs, because at least we do plan our radio and television programs, and don’t simply leave it all to the sleazy desires of the small people. Even the British prime minister had a hunch of that recently. But of course, his judgment is clouded with liberalism, because his road isn’t that of socialism with characteristics. A “much more active, muscular liberalism” – hehe. Liberalism per se spells indifference for the motherland. And now they try to use Monty Python and Mr. Bean as Trojan horses in their cultural-hegemony schemes  to drag China down to their own level!

I encourage all comrades to go to the revolutionary opera more frequently again. The Me-and-my-Heavy-Machine-Gun dance is a recommendable production from a truly friendly brotherland which adheres to socialism, even if with some remaining feudal, rather than Chinese, characteristics. To listen to choirs singing patriotic songs is very inspiring, too.



And if you think you absolutely have to, just go and watch that German “Enlightenment” show at the National Museum. At least, it isn’t dangerous, because it isn’t meant to be fun. It’s mostly about old furniture, and “Enlightenment” can only corrode foreign societies. Science will strengthen ours.

Net Nanny


Charlie Sheen is not Filial, Global Times, March 7, 2011

[added 2011-04-24] We can Stop the Music, October 20, 2008

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Net Nanny: the Fastest Route

Net Nanny: a harmonious internet, for the benefit of all

Net Nanny: a harmonious internet, for the benefit of all

The so-called “U. S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission”, created in 2000, claims that it monitors the security implication of trade with China. A certain Adam Segal on the so-called Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) blog is making a fuss of its latest report and reminds his readers that the internet isn’t “safe”. Of course not. That’s what I’ve always said.

Anyway, the information from a report by the so-called commission, issued on November 17, that struck the author most was that

in April 2010, for approximately 18 minutes, traffic to 15 percent of the world’s Internet destinations was diverted to China. China Telecom’s routers sent out messages saying that their networks would be the fastest route between any two points.

But “no one knows why it happened”.

The answer is simple.

We are committed to pursuing a win-win strategy of opening-up. China will continue to push forward regional and global development through its own development. We will work to broaden converging interests with other countries and, while pursuing our own development, we will accommodate the legitimate concerns of others, especially those of developing countries. We will continue to engage in international economic cooperation and trade in accordance with the international trading rules. We support the international community in channeling more assistance to developing countries and helping them improve peo ple’s well-being and enhance capacity for self-development. We support efforts to improve the international trade and financial systems and resolve frictions and differences through consultation and collaboration. China will never seek to advance its interests at the expense of others.

In other words: there were free capacities on our networks, and we offered it to the world to benefit from these capacities – for free.

The Chinese internet is open and active.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Net Nanny: China Experts, China Experts, China Experts

[Update/Notice: Mr. Heffermehl’s position in short can be found in comment #1, next to this post. The following paragraphs mereley reflect Nanny‘s views — October 24,  JR.]

Net Nanny: Experts are the Solution

Net Nanny: Experts are the Solution


today, I want to commend Fredrik S. Heffermehl. He is a westerner (Norwegian) who really understands China. I understand that Mr Heffermehl researched the decisions of the Peace Nobel Prize carefully and comes to the conclusion that —-

[Note/Update: This paragraph as follows  must not be attributed to Mr Heffermehl, but to the China Daily article it links to. Mr Heffermehl didn’t refer to Liu Xiaobo as a “criminal”, and didn’t go into any detail about him – he has no issues with this year’s nobel laureate, but with the Nobel Committee’s nomination processes and criteria. For more details, see comments underneath – JR]
—- to award Liu the peace prize is inappropriate. Liu advocates that “China should be a colony for another three centuries” and “China should be divided into eighteen nations.” He is by no means the “peace champion” in Nobel’s will, but rather a criminal who has long been instigating subversion of state power.

Besides, the Committee is full of politicians! This politicization of the Committee, is, of course, very dangerous. This is my suggestion for your review and adherence, Comrades: make contact with the Norwegian government and tell them what will happen if they continue to disbehave, and if they keep trying that excuse that the Nobel Committee would be “independent”. To be constructive, you should also let them know what they can do to make the committee more useful.

The answer to this latter question has, of course, been answered by our correct leadership before. As Comrade Jiabao said on the Sixth China-EU Business Summit in Brussels on October 6:

China is a friend indeed and I believe the entrepreneurs here all know it (在座的企业家心里很清楚,中国够朋友).

Dear Comrades, as all of us who unvaveringly uphold the banner of socialist democracy for another century, as Comrade Deng Xiaoping stipulated, and the Three Represents of Chairman Jiang Zemin, too, that stipulate that politics and entrepreneurship are inseparable (in China, that is) know very well, Comrade Jiabao has recently made statements that are unnecessarily ambiguous. But in his speech in Brussels, he said something very important! Western entrepreneurs all know the truth, that China is a true friend. Provided that they have invested substantially in our righteous country, or depend on business with us in whichever way, they will understand very clearly what a dangerous criminal Liu Xiaobo is!

In short, entrepreneurs who understand China must be appointed to the Nobel Peace Committee. It would be good for Norway, and save them a lot of trouble.

People like Mr Heffermehl and, in this case, comrade Jiabao, too, have shown the Nobel Peace Committee the way already. Experts must become members of the Commission. In every case which involves China, this will require China experts, China experts, China experts.

Bring it home to those barbarian Vikings. I’m awaiting your status report (by red head mail) before the end of next week.


Net Nanny


China’s Primacy of Politics, July 3, 2010

This post reflects the picture of Mr Heffermehl as it comes across through Chinese media. It doesn’t intend to suggest that his actual criticism and recommendations would necessarily be invalid.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Net Nanny: While Shepherds Watched

friendship 2010

Net Nanny: vigilance at all times

The enemies of the Chinese people never sleep! But watchful compatriots in Xinjiang spotted their scheme anyway, thus providing even more proof  for the close connections between a so-called incident which never happened in the first place, and the American imperialists who keep spying and violating the space above our dominion Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, seeking for illusory weak spots in the strong and steadfast Han-Muzzie Uyghur family fabric which don’t exist (the weak spots)!

We are particularly happy about the private media and the authorities’ cooperation which is as close as gums and teeth. The American spying object was first  spotted the  in the peaceful skies above Urumqi and Karamay in June, and diligently denounced reported it to the relevant scientific organization in charge.

Later, the conspiracy was confirmed on June 30 by a vigliant reporter at Urumqi’s Red Hill Station (红山车站), with the help of other vigilant compatriots.

Song Huagang (宋华刚), secretary-general of the Astronomical Society of Xinjiang, identified the UFO as a Minuteman III ICBM that was test-launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base in Santa Barbara, California that night toward a target in the Marshall Islands, certainly to be debriefed there about the disappointingly harmonious situation on the ground.

So, only four days after the Red Hill station observations, the sneaky attempt on the motherland’s sovereignty was already foiled, i.e. scientifically explained, and all doubts removed.

This must remind us that even as the glorious PLA is taking good care of the security of the motherland, the black hand of separatist terrorist forces is reaching everywhere and must be defeated whereever it can be spotted or suspected to be around.

The news from Xinjiang is very heartening and encouraging.


Space Nanny


This wasn’t Song Huagang’s first UFO case – in January this year, he commented on the public’s observations of a green-and-blue lightball. That one wasn’t an UFO either, he explained, but, most likely, debris from space burning up, probably from a  satellite entering the atmosphere (最有可能的是一个宇宙空间的碎片,如废弃的卫星落在地球上).

Censor Yourself, or Keep Out, March 1, 2010

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Net Nanny: Always Vigilant

Net Nanny: Shooting and Deleting

Cave Nanny: in Defense of Moral Judgment


Sympathy for child-killers spoils moral judgment. When the first attack took place in Nanping, Fujian Province in March, killing eight children and injuring five, I said that in similar cases, the criminal should be shot on the spot. This would be a strong deterrent to the crime, as these desperate criminals will not listen to reason.

And those who try to spread antipathy and ugly rumors against our venerable Party’s lifetime-achievers should be shot, too!

But so long as Cai Mingzhao, that wussy, is still in control, I can only terminate the unhealthy information.

Always vigilant:

Net Nanny


Too Dangerous to be Defensible, May 15, 2010
This Week at a Glance, May 7, 2010
Wen Jiabao, a Sunday Inspection, Sept 21, 2008

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Net Nanny: Hostile Acts on the Internet

Net Nanny: Net Nanny: hostile acts

Net Nanny: hostile acts on the internet

The western media continue to make a big fuss about so-called “data theft” with Chinese characteristics. The New York Times quotes Google executives who say that they had been more transparent about so-called “intrusions” than “more than two dozen other companies”. But that’s not transparency, that’s ham-handed, rude  propaganda!

And the ABC (Australia) publishes unfounded reports about a “cyber attack” on Rio Tinto’s Singapore office. But the company hasn’t even confirmed the attack!

Anyway, even if true, this would only show the west’s double standards about censorship once again. It seems that western companies taking their offices offline “to boost security” is deemed acceptable behavior by the western media.

Going offline is, in fact, a hostile act of censorship, and a denial of information.

The Chinese internet on the other hand is open and active (thanks to the fact that Comrade Mingzhao is still a wussy).


Malware Networks: Cooperation Appreciated, April 6, 2010

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Net Nanny: The Uninformed Reserve


a comrade from Zimbabwe related this story to me:

Net Nanny: Good and Bad Information

Net Nanny: Good and Bad Information

Once upon a time, there was a great Zulu king named Shaka Zulu. He was very successful, and one of his permanent battle rules was to keep a large, uninformed reserve of warriors a short distance behind his battle line. The elderly warriors composing it were directed to turn their backs on the scene of battle so that they were unable to watch and become either dejected or unduly elated at the fortunes of battle.

Thus, Shaka Zulu became a very successful ruler, and he and his people led very happy lives behind the battle lines. By not being unduly informed, the reserve warriors always did the right thing, when their moment came.

This would have been unthinkable, had there been the shameless and cruel information imperialism the viperish western imperialist forces have in store for developing countries these days, inundating innocent people with schemes of so-called “freedom of information”! The reserve warriors would have been tweeted even before the beginning of the battle!

Therefore, of course, we must protect our citizens from information imperialism. And we must hit the imperialists hard when they try to “inform” themselves, too, such as Naoko Mizutani (水谷尚子) from Japan. Silly posts like that one referring to her case only want to conceal the imperialist’s real intentions! Sometimes, information for foreigners is also bad information. We must make sure that they get and spread the good information.

Life is war. Business is war. Relations with imperialists are war. We must use the imperialists, but we must not allow a so-called “open dialog” with them – those snakes would only buffalo our imbéciles reserve heros behind the Great Firewall, making them feel either dejected or unduly elated.

时刻准备者 !

Comrade Nanny

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