The CCP’s Decent Society: We-Can-Stop-the-Music!

Net Nanny powered by LETHAL SUXXESS (TM) <b>*)</b>

Net Nanny powered by LETHAL SUXXESS (TM) *)

The Telegraph of September 30 reported about the story referred to by Catherine Sampson in The Guardian on October 8. The Telegraph says explicitly what Net Nanny has neither confirmed nor denied – “China’s culture ministry has banned public performances of Handel’s Messiah and other major works of western religious music.”

The Telegraph also describes the first exception to the new rule. The performance of Haendel’s Messiah, in one case, is or was scheduled to go ahead as planned. On other occasions however, those treats of moral decay have already been dropped.

But if much of the illegal CD and DVD business is really run by the People’s Liberation Army (as rumours have it), there’s little doubt that anyone in China with access to a shop, the bucks to pay for a CD, and who wants to listen, will enjoy as much Western religious music (at home) as he or she may wish.

*) Lethal Suxxess (TM) >

4 Responses to “The CCP’s Decent Society: We-Can-Stop-the-Music!”

  1. To be clear, the picture only shows what Net Nanny and some of her friends may be doing in their spare time. The purchase of recorded WRM (Western Religious Music) is probably legal.



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