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Sunday, June 6, 2021

External Propaganda: Cai Mingzhao’s then, Xi Jinping’s now?


Politburo’s 30th study session, Xinwen Lianbo, June 1, 2021

English-speaking Chinese media translate 传播 (chuánbō) as “communication” – as in this English-language rendition of a Xi speech on May 31, to the “30th collective study session of the CPC politburo. I don’t quite trust the translation, because there is a Chinese habit of making Chinese terms more palatable to a foreign audience by using not-quite-the-closest possible translation.

As a shortwave user, the most familiar translation to me would be propagation, which may stand for a process of information flow, “transmissions of impulses (or triggers) to influence the behavior of others” (传播就是某个人传递刺激以影响另一些人行为的过程), or “social information flows and the information of social information systems” (郭庆光定义传播是社会資訊的流动和社会資訊系统的运行). All that, and more, plus propaganda, I suppose.

So, the official Chinese translation for chuánbō would be communication. But China Copyright and Media, in an October 2013 translation of an article by Cai Mingzhao, director of the State Council Information Office’s Foreign Propaganda Office at the time, referred to chuánbō as dissemination. It’s a translation that leaves room for a lot of interpretation.

What strikes me when reading the China Copyright and Media translation of nearly eight years ago is its similarity with Xi’s speech of May 31. Back then, Cai Mingzhao, the State Council of Information Office’s external propaganda bureau at the time, discussed the future priorities in public diplomacy work in the light of Xi Jinping’s recent speech at the National Propaganda and Ideology Work Conference.

While Xi’s national propaganda conference speech in August 2013 had contained some referals to external propaganda, too, most of it had been about propaganda in general, and ideological work within China. In fact, I’m under the impression that in his May 31 speech, which focused exclusively on external propaganda, Xi borrowed heavily from Cai Mingzhao’s 2013 article.

You can contrast these two English renditions: one by China Daily on June 2, i. e. four days ago, reflecting Xi’s speech, and one by China Copyright and Media, in October 2013, translating Cai Mingzhao’s article.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Net Nanny: Every Joke they Make

Only hours ago, I overheard a very strange remark by a comrade who is an online listener to a British radio station: “The theme tune of The Archers reminds me of  Monty Python.”

Now, Monty Python is a British dancing troupe with a decadent kind of “humor”. Of course it doesn’t matter, because The Archers is nothing serious, but  just a decadent soap opera without inspiring heros. Soap operas should have remained banned in our country, but unfortunately, they are no longer banned because Comrade Mingzhao is a wussy.

Up with People: Net Nanny and the Sacred-Motherland Dragonfly Choir

Up with People: Net Nanny and the Sacred-Motherland Dragonfly Choir

We have seen the consequences. Our teenagers have become addicted to shallow stuff which doesn’t create the right political attitudes. Soap operas which promote decadent luxurious lives and worship money send a very wrong message to our underlings. Only good cadres can handle luxury and money, and good cadres, not their money, should be worshipped.  The lame excuses a Taiwanese producer made, at a time when the renegade province was led by even more renegade people than now, is still worse. That retard suggested that

the series sets out to encourage young people to search for ‘true love’ and to remind them that power and money will never buy happiness.

Happiness isn’t important, and love? Love for what? This stuff is lacking definition, but it seems to refer to love between individuals which involves sex! Same as The Archers. Romances! And

Kenton Archer gets some stick for attempting to control Jolene.

Caroline Sterling gets plenty of sympathy from listeners

Caroline Sterling gets plenty of sympathy from listeners

Obviously, as this is a decadent soap, it has to wrongly suggest that control would be wrong. This kind of stuff alone is designed to sow discord within society. Historic soaps can also be problematic, because they may stir mislead feelings, and romantic concepts of so-called “justice”, but they aren’t quite as bad as The Archers or Meteor Garden because at least, only the imperial court and its serfs – although the imperial court wasn’t only bad, and we must emphasize its positive aspects, too – are shown in their decadence, as a shocking example what happens without correct guidance.

I encourage all comrades to lead by example and to listen to songs which show love for the motherland, and vigilance against imperialist foreign forces, at least once a week. Those of you who cadres who confiscate the MP3 players of their daughters and then secretly listen to them yourselves must stop this degenerating habit.

We have seen the corrosive effect of so-called “humor” on Western societies. Western politicians already hate us because our people aren’t as self-indulgent as theirs, because at least we do plan our radio and television programs, and don’t simply leave it all to the sleazy desires of the small people. Even the British prime minister had a hunch of that recently. But of course, his judgment is clouded with liberalism, because his road isn’t that of socialism with characteristics. A “much more active, muscular liberalism” – hehe. Liberalism per se spells indifference for the motherland. And now they try to use Monty Python and Mr. Bean as Trojan horses in their cultural-hegemony schemes  to drag China down to their own level!

I encourage all comrades to go to the revolutionary opera more frequently again. The Me-and-my-Heavy-Machine-Gun dance is a recommendable production from a truly friendly brotherland which adheres to socialism, even if with some remaining feudal, rather than Chinese, characteristics. To listen to choirs singing patriotic songs is very inspiring, too.



And if you think you absolutely have to, just go and watch that German “Enlightenment” show at the National Museum. At least, it isn’t dangerous, because it isn’t meant to be fun. It’s mostly about old furniture, and “Enlightenment” can only corrode foreign societies. Science will strengthen ours.

Net Nanny


Charlie Sheen is not Filial, Global Times, March 7, 2011

[added 2011-04-24] We can Stop the Music, October 20, 2008

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Net Nanny: Hostile Acts on the Internet

Net Nanny: Net Nanny: hostile acts

Net Nanny: hostile acts on the internet

The western media continue to make a big fuss about so-called “data theft” with Chinese characteristics. The New York Times quotes Google executives who say that they had been more transparent about so-called “intrusions” than “more than two dozen other companies”. But that’s not transparency, that’s ham-handed, rude  propaganda!

And the ABC (Australia) publishes unfounded reports about a “cyber attack” on Rio Tinto’s Singapore office. But the company hasn’t even confirmed the attack!

Anyway, even if true, this would only show the west’s double standards about censorship once again. It seems that western companies taking their offices offline “to boost security” is deemed acceptable behavior by the western media.

Going offline is, in fact, a hostile act of censorship, and a denial of information.

The Chinese internet on the other hand is open and active (thanks to the fact that Comrade Mingzhao is still a wussy).


Malware Networks: Cooperation Appreciated, April 6, 2010

Monday, October 5, 2009

Net Nanny: CNN deserves a Bit of Encouragement

We´ll be there

Net Nanny: We´ll be there

Once again, JR is showing off all his ignorance, writing about so-called “censorship” in China. Bullshit. We only make sure that nobody’s feelings in our harmonious country get hurt. Besides, every child in JR’s own country gets censored when writing wrong answers to questions in a test. And every boss reprimands his underlings once in a while, even in the so-called “free world”.

If biased Western media make false and distorted presentations of the true China, we make sure that such botches never see the light of the day here. Take my word for it.

Also, you can easily see that when too-CNN news organizations like CNN repent their past wrongdoings and correct their ways, even our own official broadcasters might re-publish their works and thus reward their efforts, even if they still suck!

Example? Here you are. On September 28, Emily Chang, CNN’s correspondent here,  had a meeting with members of our Communist Youth League (共产主义青年团). Of course, her report still contains some hostile lines, such as

The students did arrive with a “minder” of sorts, but he was no older than them and didn’t interrupt the conversation.

How naive! Of course there is always an elder comrade who gives the younger comrades instructions and then some feedback – the elder comrade is either an elder in terms of age and experience, or only in terms of experience. And frankly, answers like the one of Natalie Chen are indicative for everything that is wrong with our system, if you ask me. Look at this mess:

“Do you think everything is fair in China?” I asked Natalie. “At present I have to say no,” she said. “But, we are of course making progress towards it.”

OK, it was sort of the correct answer in ideological terms, because socialism isn’t exactly communism, and only a transitional phase towards Communism, but if it was up to me, she’d be arrested for this answer right away. We are already a very harmonious society, and her answer is therefore disconcerting and subversive. She hasn’t understood that  Harmony is better than Communism, and everybody in our party should understand that by now. Communism is only a foreign concept. Only Harmony is truly Chinese. But what can you expect, so long as wussies like comrade Mingzhao are having a say in our party? It is easy to realize that a lot of work not only on our Great Firewall, but also on the ideological orientation of a few comrades still needs to be done. I mean, look at the girl’s so-called “name”: Natalie (纳塔利). These kids have too many stupid Western ideas in their heads. Even Ma Ying-jeou of the Taiwanese authorities can do without a westernized name, and he’s still a bloody, albeit bootlicking, renegade. I mean, has he restored Taiwan to the motherland yet? Not even close!

But I’m getting distracted…

Of course, the not-too-false answers from our young comrades didn’t satisfy CNN, so they resorted to some sort of imperialist Orientalism once again, and interviewed a foreigner, David Shambaugh, in addition, who said that truths about harmony and so on are

“… all current slogans, but people are not really sure what they mean.”

Obviously, this is too stupid to quote for our own official broadcasters. Of course we aren’t always specific. If we were, we couldn’t accuse people of  deviating from the party line, because knowing the exact party line, they might actually stick to it all the time. In such a specific way, it would be impossible to discipline young party members with strange surnames. A bit of suspense is essential for stability.

But anyway, the message of encouragement we want to offer is that when once biased and hostile forces like CNN correct their ways, we are always benevolent. This is very important, and should be noted by other broadcasters too. This will enhance international friendship and cooperation, and make the world more harmonious.

I’d say that Ms Chang’s work is now 20 per cent good, 80 per cent bad, which is, after all, an improvement. But we will judge America not only by CNN’s progress, but also by what the Washington Post is doing. We won’t forget any of your biased and untrue representations. They have hurt our feelings.

P.S.: I really liked Ms Chang’s suggestion that the Communist Party will still be China’s one and only ruling party 60 years from now.

Take my word for it.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Net Nanny: Help for Distracted Learners

Confucius says: Keep Learners in their Orbit

Confucius says: Keep Learners in their Orbit

JR is displaying all his ignorance about China: he yaks about Taoism as an additional philosophy to Confucianism, and about sellouts dropouts who start learning Chinese and discontinue their studies before graduating. But it is Confucius who has the answers to the typical learning problems of Westerners.

The first one is “determination to achieve one’s goals,” which is best illustrated by this line from The Analects (Lunyu): “Like heavenly bodies faithfully following their own orbits endlessly, a superior man is always determined to strive for his goal in life.”

You see, the Westerners are all distracted: by waiting for Michael Jackson’s resurrection, going to pubs for binge drinking, watching unhealthy things on the internet, and so on. Actually, we made the mistake of allowing too many of these things here in China, too, and Net Nanny has always been consistent in forcefully making a case for tighter censorship.

If those learners of Chinese only had healthy Chinese stuff and nothing else on their computers, they would stay in their orbit and make progress very quickly.

Some comments on hostile blogs are also very stupid. A certain C.A. for example apparently complains that a lot of people only study Chinese because they think they can earn a lot of money with that. What’s wrong with that? Confucius says:

“Like heavenly bodies faithfully following their own orbits endlessly, a superior man is always determined to strive for his goal in life.”

And that certain C.A. even has the nerves to allege that our teaching methods were not modern! Tell you what: Foreigners who want to make money with their Chinese language skills are most likely to bend over backwards to please us, for fear of losing business otherwise. That said, we should also make sure that Chinese people never fall for the Eight Disgraces themselves.

OK. Nothing is so great that it can’t still be improved. Net Nanny advocates putting all the foreign students of Chinese into a campus with a library which only contains a few books which are definitely healthy, to provide internet access there, and to make the installation of Green Dam protection software mandatory on each computer. You will find out that the Chinese language skills of these foreign students will blossom like ten-thousand flowers within months, so long as they aren’t allowed to leave the campus.

And with such a success story, Confucius Institutes will be very popular around the world, and stride from victory to victory!


P. S.: of course, there is the problem that our enemies have already inflicted inconsistencies on China. Comrade Mingzhao is a wussy, and many cadres these days are too simple, sometimes naïve. We need to address these problems without further delay.


Related: An Inconvenient Truth about Learning Chinese, Jan 18/31 2009

Monday, November 3, 2008

“Official in Shenzhen Sacked over Drunken Behavior”

That’s the headline China Radio International chose to describe Lin Jiaxiang’s (林嘉祥) dinner in a Shenzhen restaurant. The allegation is that Lin, former Communist Party chief and deputy director of the Shenzhen Maritime Safety Administration, attempted to force an underage girl into the men’s restroom.

It’s encouraging that the story emerged at all. But the way CRI is handling it kind of suggests that they’d kept it all under the carpet if there weren’t those human flesh search engines.

Cai Mingzhao (蔡名照), deputy director of the Chinese State Council’s information office, said on an Internet Convention in September:

“In recent years, spoofs, online violence, human search engines and other emotionality and irrational behavior have caused public concern. This kind of behavior harms online harmony, violates the rights of others, endangers public benefit and should be stopped.”


It’s true – human flesh search engines are uncontrollable and dangerous. They can hit innocent people just as well as villains, and stories like the one about Lin Jiaxiang would require further investigation. An online comment, according to, goes like this: “I am willing to give a month’s salary/wages. Anyone else willing to give money? Hire an assassin, and murder him.”

Vigilantism (daydreaming about it included) is inappropriate. But who will conduct an investigation on him in China that anyone would trust?

Under circumstances as they are, a lot of things can get out of hand. Censorship isn’t the answer either. A free press could be. But it isn’t all bad news: as we can see from China Radio International’s headline, the radio station is still under the leadership of the party.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Net Nanny: Comrade Mingzhao is a Wussy

No unhealthy stuff

No unhealthy stuff

Hmph. So comrade Mingzhao, vice director of the State Council Information Office, has met Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia. Comrade Mingzhao is in charge of censorship.

Just between you and me: comrade Mingzhao is a wussy. He has opened our Sacred Firewall in the run-up to the Olympics, and now, Mr Wales is trying to keep it open, so that Wikipedia can pour a deluge of grunge into this celestial kingdom, uhm, People’s Republic.

Rebecca MacKinnon, an assistant professor at the University of Hong Kong, is concerned about the meeting between comrade Mingzhao and that Western guy.

So am I. Very concerned. Rest assured: this aggression will not stand.

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