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  1. Mate, I’m not sure if I mentioned this before, but your new format and style are really good: you come across as a serious information resource rather than just a blog.

    Don’t change.

    Carry on…


  2. Well, the main reason for me to choose this template was that a) it allows the sidebar to appear next to every single post, rather than only next to the whole lot, and b) that it comes without bells and whistles. Or as the Queen – herself a trained car mechanic – once said, “simple technology is the best technology”.

    That the template is named Journalist by Lucian E. Marin is a mere coincidence. But then, I do hope that this blog informs not only me, but others, too.

    Many tanks for the words of encouragment.


  3. Re: Backhouse. Thanks JR. My old pc just died and am just beginning to come to grips with a 2nd hand G4 given me…quite old but beautiful graphics…being none too bright in the keyboard department, better keep my scribbling ambitions in check for the present. Must say your site looks far out on a 17inch screen.

    The inflation post was a killer and it deserves serious traffic.

    Following BBC last night on this now-massive Middle East conflagration, and am beginning to think one small spark in the Middle Kingdom could open up a new front in we are pissed off and are not going to take it anymore people power.


  4. Re: your post offer. Many Thanks JR. I still cruise the sites, but am stepping back to concentrate on my own personal, non-Sino fun blog…trying to build up a bank of pieces, even though there is a non existent audience.

    BTW. Have you been able to pick up on reports of illegal TV stations (porn and other stuff) operating in Anhui province??? Its intriguing (not the porn).

    Also love the attempts to cleanse public billboards of luxury displays. A truly Orwellian response to the wealth divide. Must be serious with the 30,000rmb fine – hehe.

    Really like your latest drawing containing the shark.


  5. I guessed that my suggestion wouldn’t convince you – but I´m always trying to tap as many sources as I can. What´s the url of your blog?

    I don´t dare thinking of porn from Anhui – but I might check the stories later this week.

    Couldn’t resist it – a shark was just what seemed to be missing to make things still more absurd. I love my country, but I’m definitely out of tune with public opinion here, re Libya. That said, the picture is apparently not as clear as the survey by the Süddeutsche Zeitung had painted it last Wednesday.


  6. Thanks JR Tracked the Anhui story to China Daily.


    This is personal blog: not heavy hitting Sino stuff.



  7. Porn on illegal television stations in Anhui province?

    Al-Aqsa TV is legal in Gaza, but they apparently had a few minutes of infidel porn on air for a few minutes some two years ago. I doubt the unlucky technician kept his job.

    Thanks for your link!


  8. JR. I was going to take offence to your response to my traitorous scum depiction which took place within my own and well understood political context, but let it go simply by pointing out that I take a very libertarian position. (Pls Note: I never comment of German politics.)

    We have a very triangular pattern here. Yourself, FOARP and myself. Need more commenters me thinks, and it would be great to have some female ones to temper discussion and intro other perspectives..

    Why are there so few women on forums similar to this. I’ve discussed this with Kai times ago.

    Is the macho point scoring styles of discussion off putting? Serious question.

    Of all the sites, Adam has by far and away the most women commenters.


  9. Pls Note: I never comment of German politics.
    Why not?

    I was going to take offence to your response to my traitorous scum depiction which took place within my own and well understood political context
    Well… and I was going to take offense to a referral to – elected, after all – officialdom as scum. After all, democracy is a venerable and universal ideal. But then, I chose not to. I’ve left my short note of my political upbringing already, elsewhere…

    Why are there so few women on forums similar to this.
    Women usually don’t like know-it-alls (even if they are know-it-alls themselves to which they would never admit). JR is offensively know-it-all, even though he means no offense. It’s probably second nature – to me, and to many other bloggers. Exceptions might be the Peking Duck, where OtherLisa is commenting every now and then, and indeed Adam Cathcart’s blog – but there, too, Kristiana Henderson is co-posting every now and then.
    Besides, I guess Adam is one of the very few not-so-opinionated China bloggers.


  10. Actually JR that was pretty mild in the insult department. Try the three yellow bars on the link below for some really muscular insults by my favourite Prime Minister.

    Of course you have a full grasp of Damby’s, Shortens and Arbibs political biographies. Democratic systems, and Oz’s in particular, has a high percentage of political/party office holders who are little more that pure opportunistic vermim and undiluted scum. Their passing of classified info on Assange to the local US embassy is but one instance of their slimy MOs.


  11. Your latest comment has inspired me once again, KT.

    Can’t Australian holders of party office (and, depending on the case, government members, too) be sued for passing on classified information?


  12. Your clog query has been answered JR. (Not just a pretty face and occasional below- the- belt troll commenter.


  13. [deleted]


  14. [deleted]


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