Net Nanny: While Shepherds Watched

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Net Nanny: vigilance at all times

The enemies of the Chinese people never sleep! But watchful compatriots in Xinjiang spotted their scheme anyway, thus providing even more proof  for the close connections between a so-called incident which never happened in the first place, and the American imperialists who keep spying and violating the space above our dominion Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, seeking for illusory weak spots in the strong and steadfast Han-Muzzie Uyghur family fabric which don’t exist (the weak spots)!

We are particularly happy about the private media and the authorities’ cooperation which is as close as gums and teeth. The American spying object was first  spotted the  in the peaceful skies above Urumqi and Karamay in June, and diligently denounced reported it to the relevant scientific organization in charge.

Later, the conspiracy was confirmed on June 30 by a vigliant reporter at Urumqi’s Red Hill Station (红山车站), with the help of other vigilant compatriots.

Song Huagang (宋华刚), secretary-general of the Astronomical Society of Xinjiang, identified the UFO as a Minuteman III ICBM that was test-launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base in Santa Barbara, California that night toward a target in the Marshall Islands, certainly to be debriefed there about the disappointingly harmonious situation on the ground.

So, only four days after the Red Hill station observations, the sneaky attempt on the motherland’s sovereignty was already foiled, i.e. scientifically explained, and all doubts removed.

This must remind us that even as the glorious PLA is taking good care of the security of the motherland, the black hand of separatist terrorist forces is reaching everywhere and must be defeated whereever it can be spotted or suspected to be around.

The news from Xinjiang is very heartening and encouraging.


Space Nanny


This wasn’t Song Huagang’s first UFO case – in January this year, he commented on the public’s observations of a green-and-blue lightball. That one wasn’t an UFO either, he explained, but, most likely, debris from space burning up, probably from a  satellite entering the atmosphere (最有可能的是一个宇宙空间的碎片,如废弃的卫星落在地球上).

Censor Yourself, or Keep Out, March 1, 2010

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