Wen Jiabao: A Sunday Inspection Visit to Chang An Supermarket

(Translation, Excerpts. Photos at the original article in Chinese.)

“First, take me to the bulletin board”, said Wen Jiabao after arrival at the Chang An supermarket’s main entrance, passing through the big shelves and going directly to the “Xicheng District Food Safety Public Information” bulletin board. When he saw that the information on the milk issue clip was no eye-catcher, he turned to the accompanying comrades from the responsible city departments and demanded that the public information should be written in bigger characters and be put at the most visible place. He said, “We want to do two things: one is to get the problematic dairy products off the selves; and secondly, we need public notifications which inform the people (老百姓) as early as they are coming in.”

Wen Jiabao took a fresh milk packet off the self and looked at it closely for the production date. Only after looking, he saw that the production day was 20 September.

“We want to do one more thing”, he told everyone. “Every batch of milk powder and dairy products will go through examination. After that, we add another label – so that the masses know that they can use it and be at ease.”

“The method you are suggesting is good”, said the responsible of Chang An Supermarket. “This isn’t only good for the supermarket, but also for the consumers, the factories and the dairy farmers.”

Before leaving the supermarket, Wen Jiabao loudly told the masses his ideas about the notification board and the additional labels, asking for everyone’s suggestions, “is that alright?”

“Alright!”, the people in the supermarket replied with one voice.

Source: china.com

3 Responses to “Wen Jiabao: A Sunday Inspection Visit to Chang An Supermarket”

  1. “Alright” is so easy to say, and so difficult to carry out.


  2. True. Besides, it seems to me that the prime minister is slipping into the role of an alibi uncle.



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