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The masthead to the right of every page doesn’t appear to allow links anymore, or only a very limited number of them.

Therefore, here’s an extra page with some of my favorite blogs and sources. Will be updated once in a while.


» Radio Acadie / Cajun French Music (podcasts)
» The Peking Duck, sadly, no more posts
» VoA 时事经纬 国际新闻 Podcasts
» WRMI Radio Miami International, a shortwave rebroadcaster of international stations
» 自由亚洲电台普通话播客

RAE – Radiodifusión Argentina al Exterior
→ 阿根挺面向世界
→ Argentina to the World
→ Argentinien in die Welt

Asia at Large

» KBS Seoul (German), Podcasts
» KCNA (English)
» Radio Japan


» In Taiwan – a German media correspondent’s blog, includes some posts in English

Radio Taiwan International

» The View from  Taiwan – photos and pan-green political views

Tibet Worldwide

» High Peaks Pure Earth
» 看不见的西藏
» Voice of Tibet


» Capital in the North
» China Change
» China Copyright and Media, Britain / The Netherlands
» China Media Project (CMP)
» Fei Chang Dao
» 后汉书
» 南方周末
» Recent Chinese History
» Red Net
» 新京报
» 中原网 (former URL:


» China and the North of the West (Jichang Lulu)
» European newspapers (CES)
» Fear of a Red Planet
» Heise/Telepolis, Hanover, Germany
» Mittel- und Osteuropa (German)
» Shortwave Service Kall / Euskirchen (a sw rebroadcaster of international stations)
» Weinbeeren (if you don’t read German, enjoy the drawings)

Public Diplomacy

» 毛四维, 印度,外交关系
» Public Diplomacy Review
» Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Israel

Media observers

» AWR Wavescan
» Azimuthal Map
» Glenn Hauser’s World of Radio (audiofiles)
» Global Tuners, Netherlands
» Jonathan Marks’ Archive
» SDR around the world 01
» SDR around the World 02
» Shortwave Info
» Shortwave Listening Post
» WWDXC Podcast Server (German)


» China Daily language learning
» Language Log, PA
» 美国之音听力下载

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