Why does Zhou Yongkang say that we must rely on the Masses of all Ethnic Groups to Maintain Stability in Xinjiang?

[From the Communist Party News Website’s user group pages, July 13. Written by a user there. Translated by JR.]


Authorized by the General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party’s Central Committee and State Chairman Hu Jintao, permanent politbureau member and Central Political and Law Commission secretary Zhou Yongkang (周永康), on behalf of the Central Committee, the State Council, and the Central Military Commission (CMC) went to Kashgar (喀什) and Hotan (和田) to condole the cadres and the masses of all ethnic groups, the troops and the police, and to inspect the arrangement and implementation of the central government’s policies. He said that now, maintenance of social stability is the common desire and in the fundamental common interest of all ethnic groups. Party committees and governments of all levels will firmly carry out all measures to maintain stability, will work on the promotion of national unity, improve the work for the people’s livelihood (民生), and closely depend on the party members, cadres and masses of all ethnic groups to build and maintain the iron wall (铜墙铁壁) of stability in Xinjiang.

I remember that Comrade Deng Xiaoping‘s saying that China’s overriding need is stability. Without a stable environment, nothing can be done, and the achievements already made may also be lost. The 7-5 incident of violent crimes in Urumqi which shocked the world is just evidence for this.

Currently, the situation in Xinjiang is developing into a good direction. However, the in- and outside Three Forces (三股势力) won’t be willing to give up. They are staying in every place to fabricate facts and to confuse people, and try to stir up trouble again, to damage the national unity among Xinjiang’s ethnic groups, and social stability.

Because of this, Zhou Yongkang’s visited the troops and police whose tasks it is to maintain stability. He pointed out that the spirit of the Polit Bureau Standing Committee’s meeting and Hu Jintao’s instructions must be resolutely implemented, that maintaining stability in Xinjiang must be the overriding priority, and to the satisfaction of the deep feelings of the masses of all ethnic groups, it was important that the law is enforced in a strict, fair, and civilized way, the people of all ethnic groups are served enthusiastically, and that good propaganda and masses work is done. It was necessary to closely rely on all party members, cadres, and masses of all ethnic groups, to build and maintain the iron wall of Xinjiang stability.

I think that what Zhou Yongkang said about relying on the party members, cadres and masses of all ethnic groups to maintain stability in Xinjiang expresses the Central Committee’s strong will, the common wishes of the people of all ethnic groups, to maintain the fundamental interests of the broad masses of the people. This is the requirement for party and government organizations of all levels in Xinjiang, for the work of the party members and cadres. It also expresses the full confidence and reliance, and even more our party’s mass line of from the masses, to the masses.

The 7-5 incident shows it once again: only when we maintain stability, we will have the prerequisite of solving all kinds of problems. If there is no stable situation, the reform and development of Xinjiang may be seriously affected, and even the development already achieved may be lost.

From this we can see, stability will always be the prosperity of our country, the fundamental guarantee of the people’s happiness. Maintaining stability will always be the sublime mission of the people of all ethnic groups. Any attempt to damage social stability in Xinjiang and any criminal activity colossaly damages the interests of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang with which the people of Xinjiang and all the people of China will not accept!

Therefore, in a complicated and grim situation, all party members and cadres must remain reasonable, calm, distinguish right from wrong, not only make sure that their words and actions are in accordance with each other and serve the stability, national unity and the unity of China, but also in accordance with the central and local party committees, governments arrangements to actively develop the work of the masses, meticulously work on maintaining stability, and lay a solid foundation for stability. This is how we can build and maintain the iron wall of Xinjiang stability, make the splittist elements tremble with fear, and discourage them.


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