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Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Bremen – It’s been summer for some ten days now, with temperatures usually above 20 degrees C. around noon (27 degrees C. yesterday), a few rainy days in between, often windy, but mostly sunny. Summer vacations have begun in Bremen and Lower Saxony on June 25, and will end on August 4. Obviously, this doesn’t mean that everyone will be idle for six weeks. But it’s the summer vacations when parents spend time with their children, and when many families go on a holiday. The global economic crisis isn’t really biting here yet, but more people than usual  stay at home, or make short trips to regional destinations like the North sea islands, rather than spending three weeks on Mallorca, the Canary Islands, or in Turkey.



The nights are short now. It’s not like in Northern Scandinavia, where the sun doesn’t set at all, but in Northern Germany, there is a dark red glow on the northern skies even during the hours around midnight. The landscape turns into a pitchblack mass, which seems to swallow all roads, houses, and trees, in front of luminescent skies.

And at daytime, the landscape turns almost black and white in the sunglast, or rich in colors and shades when it’s overcast or rainy. I like all its modes of weather. Summer is a cheerful and lively season.

Besides, it’s also a comparatively relaxing season.


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