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Monday, July 6, 2009

Turkey: China is becoming stable and prosperous

The BBC published a roundup of the situation in Xinjiang today, the Chinese authorities’ and the World Uyghur Congress‘s (WUC) body counts, the censorship status, and some international reactions to the clashes of the past 48 hours or so. Turkey’s Zaman newspaper offers an account by Reuters news agency of internet censorship both in Xinjiang and in Chinese coastal cities, and refers to a statement by Turkey’s foreign ministry, which expressed belief that necessary measures would be taken to prevent such incidents to happen in the future in China which was becoming a stable and prosperous country. Turkey’s president Abdullah Gül visited Xinjiang a week ago, saying that the region was important to Turkey because it “acted like a bridge of friendship” between the two countries [Turkey and China]. President Gül’s stopover in Xinjiang had apparently been proposed by the Chinese government.


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Monday, July 6, 2009

Net Nanny: Help for Distracted Learners

Confucius says: Keep Learners in their Orbit

Confucius says: Keep Learners in their Orbit

JR is displaying all his ignorance about China: he yaks about Taoism as an additional philosophy to Confucianism, and about sellouts dropouts who start learning Chinese and discontinue their studies before graduating. But it is Confucius who has the answers to the typical learning problems of Westerners.

The first one is “determination to achieve one’s goals,” which is best illustrated by this line from The Analects (Lunyu): “Like heavenly bodies faithfully following their own orbits endlessly, a superior man is always determined to strive for his goal in life.”

You see, the Westerners are all distracted: by waiting for Michael Jackson’s resurrection, going to pubs for binge drinking, watching unhealthy things on the internet, and so on. Actually, we made the mistake of allowing too many of these things here in China, too, and Net Nanny has always been consistent in forcefully making a case for tighter censorship.

If those learners of Chinese only had healthy Chinese stuff and nothing else on their computers, they would stay in their orbit and make progress very quickly.

Some comments on hostile blogs are also very stupid. A certain C.A. for example apparently complains that a lot of people only study Chinese because they think they can earn a lot of money with that. What’s wrong with that? Confucius says:

“Like heavenly bodies faithfully following their own orbits endlessly, a superior man is always determined to strive for his goal in life.”

And that certain C.A. even has the nerves to allege that our teaching methods were not modern! Tell you what: Foreigners who want to make money with their Chinese language skills are most likely to bend over backwards to please us, for fear of losing business otherwise. That said, we should also make sure that Chinese people never fall for the Eight Disgraces themselves.

OK. Nothing is so great that it can’t still be improved. Net Nanny advocates putting all the foreign students of Chinese into a campus with a library which only contains a few books which are definitely healthy, to provide internet access there, and to make the installation of Green Dam protection software mandatory on each computer. You will find out that the Chinese language skills of these foreign students will blossom like ten-thousand flowers within months, so long as they aren’t allowed to leave the campus.

And with such a success story, Confucius Institutes will be very popular around the world, and stride from victory to victory!


P. S.: of course, there is the problem that our enemies have already inflicted inconsistencies on China. Comrade Mingzhao is a wussy, and many cadres these days are too simple, sometimes naïve. We need to address these problems without further delay.


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