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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Hermit: North Korea’s Enemies spread Ugly Rumors

Hello Children

Hermit the Soothing Taoist Dragonfly criticizes Hostile Foreign Media

Hello Children,

in case that the sabotaging news about North Korea doing something that the Chinese people don’t want them to do has managed to upset you, let me tell you that all the talk about our dear friend Kim Jung-il testing more missiles is an ugly rumor spread by hostile media such as CNN. In fact, North Korea’s dear leader has commanded his mighty forces to display fireworks in a cordial gesture towards imperialist America (even though the Yanks are very undeserving of such a gesture) to congratulate them on their national holiday. Our cruel enemies are pursuing a double-strategy here: they want to make the world believe that Kim Jung-il is very ill in his head, and that we, the Great Chinese People, were somehow unable to control our vassals Korean friends and allies. Do you really think they’d ever do something which we don’t want them to do?

Kim Jung-il isn't ill. He is harmonious and happy.

Kim Jung-il isn't ill. He's harmonious and happy.

Sheesh. You still have a lot to learn, children. Don’t be to CNN, and become ever more patriotic.

Got to skyrocket now. Zaihui.

P.S.: Go to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and see for yourself how happy and harmonious and peaceful it is. The Korean Friendship Association gives the chance to know about the country, its people and culture plus attend the biggest extravaganza in the modern era, the Mass Gymnastics ARIRANG performed by more than 100.000 people.

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