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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Kaohsiung: Each of those Standpoints

“The Ten Conditions of Love” (爱的十个条件), a documentary movie on Rebiya Kadeer which was to be screened at the Kaohsiung Film Festival in October, will now be shown on September 22 and 23, ahead of the festival’s official beginning, reports Bloomberg.

The government information office noted the different views, including those from city councilors, the tourism industry, film and artist groups, and respects each of those standpoints.

Faxed statement from Kaohsiung’s City Government on Saturday night.

OMG! First Morakot, now the Muzzymonster?

OMG! First Morakot, now the Muzzymonster?

Singapore’s Morning News reports that the Kadeer documentary will be shown at Kaohsiung Film Archive (高雄市电影图书馆). The Film Archive will also be the venue of the actual festival.

Also ccording to the Morning News report, Taiwanese NGO’s are planning to invite Ms Kadeer to visit Taiwan.


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