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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Xinjiang White Paper: Governmental Incapacity

Patriotic Fantasies: Maybe Close, but not THAT Close

Patriotic Fantasies: Not THAT Close

The Kaohsiung Film Festival’s official website was hacked yesterday afternoon local time (Monday), reports Singapore’s Morning News (联合早报). A picture showing the Dalai Lama and Rebiya Kadeer, head of the World Uyghur Congress,  carried a classical annotation of sorts, apparently about illicit sexual relationships, doom and gloom [淫到天昏地暗, translation advice welcome] to the right, and the statement “firmly opposing Tibetan independence, Xinjiang independence, Taiwan independence, celebrating the 60th anniversary of the PR China’s establishment” (坚决反对藏独、疆独、台独,庆祝中华人民共和国建立六十周年) underneath. The hackers’ unsolicited web presence lasted for some three hours, reports Morning News. The Film Festival’s blog was also attacked several times in recent days.

The Kaohsiung Film Festival originally planned to screen The Ten Conditions of Love, a documentary movie on Rebiya Kadeer, as part of its program in October, but later decided to show it in advance, today and tomorrow, after Kaohsiung’s tourism industry had voiced fears that growing numbers of Chinese tourists would boycott Kaohsiung as a travel destination. The festival supervisors wanted rows (over the film) to end as early as possible, writes the Guardian.

Meantime, Beijing celebrates with extensive and more official comments of its own, on the profound changes that have taken place in the past 60 years in northwest China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region and remarkable improvement in people’s lives, such as such as Steady Development of Social Programs; Preservation of Ethnic Cultures; Upholding Ethnic Equality and Unity; Protecting Citizens’ Rights of Freedom of Religious Belief; and Safeguarding National Unity and Social Stability.

For anything that might still be deemed unsatisfactory in Xinjiang, the white paper blames the “East Turkistan” forces for seriously disrupting Xinjiang’s development and progress by trumpeting separatism and plotting and organizing a number of bloody incidents of terror and violence.

Given that the CCP – and no other force – is in control of Xinjiang, and given the CCP’s pretense of harmonious rule, such a white paper is evidence of governmental incapacity.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hermit’s Peace Plan: Give us Afghanistan

Hello World,

Hermit: Hello World

Hermit the Harmonious Taoist Dragonfly: Afghanistan can do Better

president Nicolas Sarkozy of France was once a splittist element, but he has repented, and apart from some inconsistencies, France is now very harmonious. Besides, M. le Président has a refreshing attitude at summits. For the coming G20 summit, Pittsburgh and the US Secret Service have designated two public protest zones, located within sight of the attendees, but they hardly need to see the signs and hear the shouts to know how unhappy many people feel about the damage wrecked by the financial sector last year.

People in Afghanistan are also very unhappy, but not because of the financial sector. It’s because of the damage imperialism is doing to their peaceful country. We are witnessing how the arrogant Western imperialists are running into self-inflicted contradictions. Their candidate with that funny hat won, but some of the usual high-minded idalists, who are in fact people with ulterior motives, are making the usual noises about a few ballot-boxes. That’s stupid, and the confused Western imperialists’ reactions only show how stupid their so-called “democratic” concept is. Their so-called “principles” even lead some of them to forget all moral and loyalty and to stab their own candidate in the back!

The principle of Harmonious Democracy will do better. Hamid Karzai has already  followed our system as far as he could.  However, he was hampered by the so-called international election observers. With our concept of Harmonious Democracy, he wouldn’t have had to do anything, just let the people acclaim him. Of course, our concept allows democratic elections, too, so long as the results are predictable.

As Afghanistan’s harmoniously-democratically elected president leans towards our concept anyway, we suggest that the West cedes its latest colony to us on a 99-year lease. Afghanistan’s and our concepts are entirely and harmoniously compatible. We call on M le Président to support this good plan. We will take good care of the place as a responsible global power, and we undertake this solemn pledge: Should the Afghans be less happy with our collective leadership’s wise and benevolent harmonious leadership than the happy Uyghurs, we will even release Afghanistan into independence in 2108.  Promised (on behalf of the Vacation Replacement Politbureau):


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cordial Ways of Saying Goodbye

One of the good things about recessions is that you are forced to trim fat. Well, I’m glad a slice of cancerous gourd has been dumped as a result of this recession. Here is proof that some good do come out of difficult times…

lamakarma, commenter on the (closing) Time China Blog, September 18

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