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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Diary: Verdict on President Chen scheduled for Friday

No longer trustful

No longer trustful

Former DPP lawmaker Bikhim Hsiao quoted former president Chen Shui-bian saying he believed he would be “locked up until the finish” and it made no difference how he defended himself in court, Taiwan News wrote on July 30. Chen’s wife Wu Shu-chen was given a one-year (originally two-year) jail term for perjury on September 1. Chen’s and Wu’s son Chen Chih- chung, their daughter Chen Hsing-yu and their son- in-law Chao Chien-ming were also sentenced. Chen, who has been detained since December, has dismissed his lawyers and kept silent in recent court sessions in protest against his detention and trial, reports the HK Standard.


Political Corruption in Taiwan, January 29, 2009
Juchen Inmate 2630, November 14, 2008

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

BBC China Coverage: “Not Anything Positive”

And so, that’s it. My time in China is up. I’ve come to the end of my three years here – the standard life expectancy for a BBC foreign posting.

James Reynolds, BBC correspondent in China, winding up his BBC blog, July 6

It is sad that you I three years have not been able to see anything positive in China.

A commenter on the same blog entry, July 7

The correspondent apparently hurt some feelings there, but to be fair, it can be difficult to see anything in China, aside from frumpish umbrellas.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

China’s Aviation Industry: Competition in the Air?

Boeing and Airbus may have trouble increasing their sales sharply if China is in a position to supply its own markets. Global trade rules will almost certainly block China from keeping the two large interntional aircraft companies from bidding for business in the world’s most populous country. But, the mainland does not always allow foreigners a level playing field and the aircraft industry is not likely to be an exception., September 8, 2009, on China’s C919 project

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