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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

In Praise of Chinglish

Chinglish is usually considered to be an abreviation of Chinese English, Chinese-style grammar combined with English-style vocabulary.

Chinglish一般被认为是Chinese English的简称,中式的语法和英式的词汇组合而成。

Youth Weekend (青年周末) probably refers to this post by The Guardian, and asks if Chinglish needs a guardian, or if it should be finished off, in accordance with the wishes of the Shanghai authorities, in the run-up to next years Shanghai Expo. If one feels that Chinglish is an embarrassment for cultural self-confidence (尴尬的文化自信), Youth Weekend says, one should consider that it may be really vigorous and culturally creative. At home and abroad, Chinglish had its fans (粉丝), and even its fanatical followers. It might amount to alternative pop (另类流行).

Youth Weekend apparently shares the view that Chinglish is a language in its own right, and an amusing one at that. It says that in May, an (unnamed) mainland Chinese website organized a competition of the greatest – or most comical (爆笑) Chinglish lines. 7,000 votes produced the Chinglish Top Ten, to be viewed over there »


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