Nuctech: Investigations in EU and Namibia

Namibia is investigating allegations of bribery in a government contract with Chinese state-owned Nuctech Company Ltd, reports the BBC. State chairman Hu Jintao‘s son Hu Haifeng was president of the firm until last year when he was promoted to a post with Tsinghua Holdings, the group that controls Nuctech and a number of other companies, according to the BBC report. Nuctech originates from Tsinghua University, according to its website. Hu Jintao graduated from the specialty of hub hydropower stations of the Department of Water Conservancy Engineering of Tsinghua University, and his engineering and political career is apparently closely connected with Tsinghua University.

One of the world’s leading makers of x-ray scanners for airports and ports and supplying every Chinese airport with security devices, it Nuctech has been accused of plying customers with soft loans from the Chinese government to pay for its machines. The European Commission says it is in the middle of a full investigation, reports the Telegraph.

11 Responses to “Nuctech: Investigations in EU and Namibia”

  1. According to CDT, CCP’s Central Propaganda Department has just issued the following instructions:

    胡海峰 纳米比亚、纳米比亚 行贿调查、杨帆 行贿调查、清华同方 行贿调查、南部非洲 行贿调查-以上关键词请各搜索引擎屏蔽为全站无结果

    (Hu Haifeng, Namibia, Namibia bribery investigation, Yang Fan bribery investigation, Nuctech bribery investigation, southern Africa bribery investigation

    Please show no search results for all the above keywords.)

    I was wondering how long it’s going to take for Nanny to step in. It doesn’t take long, does it. According to CDT, both Sina and Netease had to completely take down their technology new section as a punishment for publishing news about the Nutech Namibia investigation. I heard that Qinghua University is also implicated.


  2. C.A.: I was wondering – there was nothing on China’s English-speaking media yesterday…
    Mylaowai: what irony? Hermit wonders if you really don’t understand that this is a narrow-minded tit-for-tat response and that the Australian government is using the EU and Namibia as its puppets?! You are naive! This is very unwise action from Canberra, and the Australian ppl will pay the price!


  3. Irony is what they make rice bowls out of.



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