Namibia: Nuctech-related Court Hearings Postponed until January

Two defendents in a Namibian corruption case are challenging key parts of Namibia’s Anti-Corruption Act of 2003 and the Prevention of Organised Crime Act of 2004 for doubts in their constitutionality, The Namibian reported in March. The legality of the appointment of senior Cabinet member Pendukeni Iivula-Ithana as both Minister of Justice and Attorney-General in 2005 was reportedly also questioned by the two defendents.

Apparently on Monday, High Court Judge President Petrus Damaseb postponed further hearings of the two defendents, Teckla Lameck and Kongo Mokaxwa, and of a third defendent in the same case, Yang Fan, a former representative of Chinese company Nuctech, until January 19, 2012.

Three High Court judges will hear the constitutional challenges on November 29 this year, the Republikein reported on Monday.

The three defendents are free on bail, according to the Namibian’s report of March.



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