Hermit: India is an Unharmonious Serf

Hermit the (angry) Taoist Dragonfly

Hermit the Taoist Dragonfly criticizes the Indian Slave Mentality

Hello Children,

India should learn to be independent of apeing the West in her militaristic attitudes toward fellow Asians. A border war will put India back several decades in her progress to catch up with the development of her other Asian neighbours. India, especially should realise that it is folly to play herself into the hands of western powers and be used as a pawn by the Western powers to “contain” the rising superpower.
Asians must learn to achieve cohesion and harmony, and avoid territorial wars. Above all, do not envy the progress of fellow Asian.

Unfortunately India is serving the role of a watchdog in Asia for the West and the USA. This is very unfortunate, because Asia is positioned perfectly to rise economically and help its huge population which is poverty ridden. Slave mentality of Indians since the British rules them is still embedded in their minds.

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stop apeing the west!

Got to fly now. Stay patriotic, and never ape the West.

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8 Responses to “Hermit: India is an Unharmonious Serf”

  1. JC,

    No different from Malaysian too, many people still having that experience like part of their gene.
    As recently, my company ( a US company) was putting in money to invest in tool to design equipment- mechanical & electrical , those EDA tools are very expensive, we are talking about 5-6 digits U$, per user kind of cost. I wasted so much energy to convince a local IT manager that it was an approved budget from corp. , and a worth while investment. The guy just refused to yield, kept asking me to use remote access on another site’s server, I told him is illegal and against the terms of use and purchase. But I sent a mail to my US colleague, asked him about the remote method. The guys just reply,”it;s against the law”, he signed off immediately without further question. While my effort to went wasted.

    You see, we have local folks (in top management position) doing that to their own kind. Frustrated isn’t it ?



  2. Ummm… but whom are they apeing?


  3. JC,

    Well, they see their own kind as being inferior as compared to the American, or anyone from the west. The moment someone (white skin) said something, they quickly complied. (Sorry for such slur)

    Also, from time to time, when we suggested some ideas and thought that our ideas are more superior than those coming from Europe/US colleague, they dare not stand up to push the agenda. Even at times, we got message like “We need to show our servitude so that we continue to have project coming from other side.”, Even at times, my US colleague agreed we had better ideas and insisted we used it for business profitability reason, then they (managers) gladly agreed, quickly steals the credit for having good leadership therefore their staff are able to churn out such ideas. Sickening, right ?

    How is that sound ? Apeing..in disguise ?! If the company management covertly helping the parent company, no doubt such culture will continue to persist for many generation to come, it will , of course proliferate to wider audience- general population and become acceptable norm in culture.

    I just love the quote “Do not envy the progress of fellow Asian”, they let that Envy & Jealousy cloud their own judgment to the extent, they started making effort to make other people looked as bad as their own, in order to demonstrate “fairness”. If I cannot be any better, at least I make you look as bad as I am, they spent no effort in thinking about, other people are good, how can I be better ? Zilch.



  4. Now I see your point. That said, the criticism goes against the choices of India’s federal government, and I doubt that they are apeing anyone. They make strategic choices, somtimes ones that China’s media and public like, sometimes not. New Delhi’s stance re Arunachal Pradesh is one of the latter. So is India’s naval strategy, I suppose.



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