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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hermit: An Incident Broke Out

Hello Children,

Hello Global Times

Hermit the (angry) Taoist Dragonfly

it’s me, Hermit the Taoist Dragonfly again. Long time no see. Here we go with another look into current affairs from a correct, patriotic and scientific perspective.

June 4 is just another day in calendar. OK, it is said that

June 4 Incident broke out in 1989 and after that intellectuals in China “switched to silence”, according to Zhang Liping. “Intellectuals no longer discussed ‘isms’ publicly, and shifted their focus to academic issues,” she said.

OK. That’s what Zhang Liping says. But then, maybe she’s wrong. And her memory plays her a trick. Who knows?

Anyway, she says that after that so-called incident, “some people worried that China might slip backward”, because they discussed no -isms anymore.

But hey! Deng Xiaoping always had a good plan.

Such worries were dispelled three years later in 1992 by Deng Xiaoping’s visit to South China. “Deng’s speech reignited people’s hope and restored their confidence,” said Zhang Liping. In his speech, Deng emphasized the importance of economic reform and open-mindedness.

Phew! No -isms any more. Deng saved China…

Whuddyasay? … Shut up, stupid brat! Socialist-market-economy-with-Chinese-characteristics wasn’t, isn’t, and will never be, capitalism!


OK, I have to be patient with little idiots like you. Learn from Ding Yifan, kids. Back in the 1980s, he was as naïve as you are today. But today, he laughs his old feudal Maoist idealistic belief in Western models as offering solutions to all kinds of problems off. Learn from him. Become more mature. Radical reform or revolution is extremely insecure and does not work in China.


All but one, of course. Got to fly now, children. Stay patriotic, and become more mature.

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