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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Good Ganbu: Consistency is Most Important

Revolutionaries are always innocent

Revolutionaries are always innocent


Chairman Mao said:

On a blank sheet of paper free from any mark, the freshest and most beautiful characters can be written, the freshest and most beautiful pictures can be painted.

I think that Green Dam Youth Escort software is a commendable invention. I understand from CNN (which I watch to understand our enemies’ intentions and plans and counter them) that you, the younger generation of ganbus, are facing some challenges which we, the older generation of ganbus, wouldn’t have encountered.

These challenges are of course shameless. They want to open our gates to the enemy and let them pollute the lily-white souls conscience of the Chinese public with this kind of porn.

Now, I must say that you, the younger ganbus (as you are less experienced than us who were on the Long March and have seen the world), have committed some well-intentioned, but grave, errors. No, I’m not writing about legal issues. Legal matters are only for crooks and for the enemies of the people. The good Chinese people know what is good or bad from their hearts, with some occasional help from their ganbus. But you have allowed our law to mushroom during recent decades, and now you are getting caught in its exuberant twiners. Besides, too much use of law also corrupts the collective conscience of our nation. The enemies have made you believe that their kind of “law” makes your rule more consistent. But see what happens?

You are exacerbating your initial mistakes by compromising and showing signs of weakness! And you even fall for our enemies’ propaganda! You are too simple, sometimes naive. I must tell you that consistency is most important for leadership.

Just like me, you must expose yourselves to foreign porn to understand our enemies’ schemes. But you seem to be overexposed to it.

A good ganbu sees the world, but his revolutionary still remains lily-white. He analyses the poisoned apples, but unlike the common people, he doesn’t eat them. And if the innocent people are becoming tempted, he re-educates them, and makes a curtain fall in front of the ugly things from the laowai world. No discussions!

This won’t only keep the people’s collective conscience uncorrupted, and leave enough space for the Good Ganbus to adorn this conscience with most beautiful characters. It also makes sure that bad content from abroad doesn’t enrage the common peoples’ decent-but-simple minds and distracts them from their studies, making them write long, futile web pages rather than strengthening the motherland by gathering useful knowledge. Such provocations and distractions are also ploys used by our enemies.

This has been a long letter. Hope it’s been helpful.

Very concerned:

Hao Ganbu

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