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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Qin Gang and Hermit oppose Dalai Lama’s Latest Honorary Citizenship…

Stunt jackal

Stunt jackal takes advantage of inconsistencies

that one from Paris. But any other honorary citizenship for that jackal too, of course. But as only Mr Qin, a government spokesman in Beijing, is paid for his statements, Hermit would like to economize on his time and refer you to an old keynote interview of hisself where he said it all before.

Besides, the honorary citizenship for the Dalai Lama is also very unscientific, Chinese experts say. It’s a stunt and wouldn’t have happened if there wasn’t a big inconsistency between national and municipal matters in France.

P.S.: This post links to Xinhuanet. Hermit thinks that plurality and diversity in our use of accurate and scientific sources is very important. Over all the fuss about China Global Times, we must never forget Xinhua and China Daily.

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