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Monday, June 15, 2009

Nanjing University Survey: Little Desire for Positions as Head Teacher

Seven out of ten teachers do not want to work as head teachers in several regions, according to a survey conducted by researchers from Jiangsu Province in various regions. Huang Zhengping (黄正平), associate research fellow at Jiangsu Province Institute of Science and Technology Education (江苏省教育科学研究院), Qi Xuehong (齐学红), director of a educational research center at Nanjing Normal University (南京师范大学班主任研究中心) and others discussed the findings on the Pudong Education Forum under the theme of “In the modernization process of establishing a science of teacher professionalism”.

The forum found that the workload of headteachers was heavy, the pressure high, head teachers were met with little respect, and that there was only little occupational well-being in the job. It was pointed out that more than four million teachers in China served as head teachers, and that their well-being was essential for the students’ well-being.

A nation-wide survey of teachers is no small thing. Teaching isn’t necessarily easy in Beijing. And in a very different setting, it’s not necessarily easy in the countryside either.

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