Wen and Jang: Joint Efforts

A Communiqué

Chief State Councillor Wen Jiabao met with a delegation consisting of North Korean Workers’ Party Politbureau Standing Committee member, head of the Central Administrative Department, and Vice Chairman of the National Defense Commission Jang Sung-taek and members of two delegations of economic-region cooperative-development guiding committee members at Zhongnanhai’s Ziguang Pavillon on Friday.


Wen Jiabao said that Sino-North-Korean friendship is a valuable asset, that the Chinese government, just as in the past, will promote the relations between the two countries, maintain and support NOrth Korean economic development to improve the livelihood of the people, and expressed his belief that North Korea would achieve new successes in all fields building the nation.


Wen Jiabao said that in recent years, Sino-North-Korean economic and trade cooperation had achieved positive results. As the next steps, the two sides should implement the Joint Guidance Commission’s consensus within the Rason Economic Zone and Hwanggumpyong Island / Weihua Island at the focus of cooperation: (1) to strengthen the two countries’ governments’ leadership in cooperation and planning, to improve law and regulations; (2) to encourage the active participation of the regions in question, to maintain close contacts and coordination; (3) to create good conditions for the role of market mechanisms, land, taxation etc.; (4) to encourage companies to invest, and to solve their practical problems and difficulties; (5) to improve customs, quality control and other services to provide benefit for the cooperation. The Chinese side wishes, in common efforts with North Korea, to build and manage the economic zones well, to promote the achievement of a higher level by the Sino-North-Korean economic and trade cooperation.


Jang Sung-taek said that Comrade Kim Jong-un attaches great importance to North-Korean-Sino friendly relations, and that the deep bilateral friendship will surely be passed on through the generations and continuously go to great heights. The development cooperation in the two economic zones had entered a substantive stage, the North Korean side wishes to work closely with the Chinese side, accelarate and promote the relevant work, to make their cooperation achieve greater progress.


The Communiqué in English

Wen: It’s a disaster. Cut this bullshit out, or else…
Jang: Sure, man. Bite me.

On Practice: An Example

Documenting North Korea’s Abuse of the Haicheng Group, Sino-NK, August 15, 2012

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