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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

18th National Congress: a Responsibility outweighing Mount Taishan

The following is a translation of a People’s Daily commentary, published on Tuesday (local breakfast time), on the completed process of determining the 18th National Congress delegates (i. e. the delegates to the party congress that is going to “elect” the next generation of China’s national leaders.

I defined a time limit for doing this translation, and have therefore left out several lines. These gaps are indicated by brackets […] within the translation, and by brackets within the original text.

Main Link: People’s Daily Comment: Shouldering the Sacred Mission, Faithfully performing the Duties (肩负神圣使命 忠实履行职责),

After long and careful deliberations at all levels of party organization and the broad membership of the party, and step-by-step elections, through the common efforts of all the party units, 2,270 delegates to the 18th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party have now been chosen. They will undertake the great trust of the entire party’s more than 80 million party members and more than four million grassroot party organization, carry the entire country’s and all nationalities’ wishes and expectations, and proudly attend the party’s 18th National Congress. We offer the elected Comrade delegates to the 18th National Congress our warm congratulations!


The 18th National Congress is our party’s takes place at a key moment of comprehensive building of a society of modest prosperity, of deepened reform and opening up, and of a time when the transformation of economic development methods’ fortification is being accelerated, it is held as an absolutely important congress, it is the entire party’s and the entire country’s and all nationalities’ great event of the people’s political life, and of major and far-reaching significance for our party to hold high the great banner of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, for leading the entire country’s people of all nationalities in the continuous comprehensive building of a society of modest prosperity, for accelerating the promotion of socialist modernization, and the initiation of the new situation for the cause of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics. To elect delegates who meet the requirements of the Central Committee and who have the support of the numerous party members is essential for a successful 18th National Congress. Since October last year, all party units conscientiously organized the elections in accordance with the Central Committee’s arrangements and in strict implementation of the party constitution, fully promoting democracy, cogently strengthening leadership, adhering to [a principle of] choosing the finest and the best, thus successfully completing the work of electing the 18th National Congress’ delegates. The elections led to the choice of 18th-National-Congress delegates with good political qualities, competence, reasonable structure, extensive distribution, progressive and broad representativeness, thus establishing solid ideological and organizational foundations for the victorious holding of the 18th National Congress.


Every delegate is a pennant. The party’s National Congress is the party’s highest leadership organ, the party’s major forum for the party’s national delegates to discuss and solve issues. The party’s National Conference delegates have been chosen by long and careful deliberations, as the entire party’s outstanding members [or elements]. A word and an action embodies our party’s image, and gets society’s attention. The 18th National Congress delegates lead, abide by, and implement the party constitution, make demands on themselves in accordance with the standards of ecellent party membership, from thought and action maintain progressiveness and purity, take the lead in the implementation of the party line’s directives and policies, settle politics, bear the bigger picture in mind, are disciplined, always maintain great unity with the Central Committee, lead the practice of the party’s fundamental purpose and system of socialist core values, continuously improve their ideological attitudes, gain the acknowledgment of the party members and the masses, lead […]


This mission is above everything else, and the responsibility weighs more heavily than Taishan [Mount Tai]. The 18th National Party delegates will hear and review the Central Committee’s and the Central Disciplinary Committee’s reports, discuss and decide the major issues of the party, and elect a new generation of a collective central leadership. The 18th National Congress is the first nation-widely held congress after the reform of the delegates’ tenure, which will mean more responsibilities and higher requirements on them. Every delegate must continuously strengthen his or her sense of political responsibility and of his or her historic mission, actively participate in study sessions organized by the party, understand the importance of learning, and improve and his or her abilities to live up to the demands [of their position]. They must uphold the mass line, study at the grassroots, assess the real situations, listen to the peoples’ voices, gauge the sentiments, and reflect the broad party membership’s and the masses’ opinions and demands to the 18th National Congress. […]


A great era shall be met with a distinguished gathering, and the feelings of the party shall assemble the feelings of the people. We are certain that under the strong leadership of Comrade Hu Jintao’s Central Committee, after the efforts of all delegates, the party’s 18th National Congress will be a great congress of unity, victory, braveness, that it will provide an even better blueprint for the development of the party and the state, and that it will write an even more glorious chapter in the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.




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