That’s Communication!

In an interview with Greek television, former German chancellor Gerhard Schröder doesn’t spare either party in the sovereign debt crisis with criticism, but finds the right words for the Greek audience – and for the Germans who happen to hear them, too.

2 Comments to “That’s Communication!”

  1. Gerd Schroeder was always had a somewhat Blair-esque character, right down to his somewhat unseemly relations with dictatorships. Frau Merkel, after generating something of a buzz which I experienced first-hand in Berlin in mid-late 2005,now seems to be be a bit Brownish, but comparisons always over-simplify things.


  2. Don’t get me started on Schröder and Putin (or Beijing), Foarp. If I wanted to buy a used car, I’d rather buy from people like Merkel. I just don’t think she’s a good chancellor.


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