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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Media Review: Notes on Public Diplomacy

NHK Radio Japan QSL Card, 1988

Blanket NHK Radio Japan QSL card, 1988: long time no specific data.

The 583rd meeting of NHK’s consultative committee on international broadcasting took place on July 13th, with the chairman […] and eight other members in attendance.
The commission then viewed and discussed an edition of Newsline, that aired on NHK World TV on June 26. The Newsline provided live coverage of the news conference given by prime minister Yoshihiko Noda after the Lower House approved the government’s bill to raise the consumption tax. It provided a simultaneous interpretation of the news conference, and [..] subsequent commentary for the benefit of viewers outside of Japan. The members expressed a number of views. Three members thought that commentary should also have been provided prior to and even during the prime minister’s news conference. Another member thought there should have been commentary on the economic ramifications of the tax increase.

The committee also viewed seven news reports from domestic NHK stations and NHK bureaus in Asia. The news report included an interview with a man who had been a soldier in the Chinese People’s Liberation Army at the time of the protests in Tian An Men Square as well as a report about help being provided to a Pakistani woman who had been disfigured by sulfuric acid thrown at their faces by angered family members or relatives. The report [attracted] various comments. One member thought that NHK must be doing a good job as many of the reporters [were dealing with topics ] not easy to cover. Another member thought the report on the Pakistani woman was excellent, in that it not only focused on the extent of the problem, but also on efforts inside Pakistan to help the disfigured woman that [by impressing people around the world] to [..] respect for human rights.

NHK World – Radio Japan news, August 5, 2012, shortwave, transcript by JR, unid words in [brackets].



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