Charter 08 and Greater China

Sources from the Roman Catholic Church confirmed that (…) Guangzhou university professor Ai Xiaoming 艾晓明 has been detained by the Chinese authorities in charge of public security, according to Underthejacaranda.

— Update, Dec. 17: Prof. Ai Xiaoming is apparently not under arrest]

Sister Beatrice Leung Kit-fun (Sisters of the Precious Blood), professor for political science at the Universities of Macau and Hong Kong, expressed hope that Catholics in Macau would make their views heard on the drafted article 23, which is planned to become part of Macau’s Basic Law. The general concern is that terms like “divulging state secrets” aren’t precise and may be applied too discretionary.

Macau’s administration seems to be confident that they can get article 23 through the SAR’s legislative assembly before the Edmund Ho (何厚鏵) second term as chief executive ends there. Some argue that if the “anti-subversion” law gets passed in Macau, it would become easier to get it passed in Hong Kong as well. The drafted article led to mass demonstrations in Hong Kong in Summer 2003 and are widely believed to have been the final blow to Tung Chee-hwa’s () stewardship
as Hong Kong’s Chief Executive. discussed the “anti-subversion test bed” scenario in October.

The catholic weekly L’Observatorio de Macau organized a meeting of young members of the Macau diocese to discuss the article 23 draft on November 15.

The Charter 08 refers to Greater China in para 18:

A democratic China should seek to act as a responsible major power contributing toward peace and development in the Asian Pacific region by approaching others in a spirit of equality and fairness. In Hong Kong and Macao, we should support the freedoms that already exist. With respect to Taiwan, we should declare our commitment to the principles of freedom and democracy and then, negotiating as equals, and ready to compromise, seek a formula for peaceful unification.

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