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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hermit is proud of the Chinese Tiger

Hermit the (angry) Taoist Dragonfly

Hermit the angry Taoist (patriotic Chinese reincarnated) Dragonfly

Hello Children,

over there, you will find a beautiful essay by Chinese Tiger (中国虎). He is just an ordinary Chinese pharmacist, but still a better expert on Buddhism than the ******* jackal in Dharamsala. He knows that after reincarnation, he will still be Chinese. And he knows that after reincarnation, the Dailai will become an ugly foreign devil if he doesn’t repent!

I, the Taoist Dragonfly, was a Chinese pharmacist in my last life also! Now I’m a wise, patriotic Chinese Taoist Dragonfly! And I also know more about Buddhism than the ******* Dailai jackal in Dharamsala!

Got to fly now. Stay patriotic, children, and learn from Chinese Tiger.

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