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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Southern News Group deputy editor-in-chief replaced

Jiang Yiping (江艺平) has apparently been removed from her position as an editor of Southern Metropolis Daily. She is a co-founder of Southern Weekend, was – or still is? – Southern News Group’s deputy editor-in-chief, and has apparently been demoted to Southern Agriculture News and Southern News’ Journalism Research Institute, according to Boxun News.

Underthejacaranda quotes Underthebridge suggesting that

Jiang Yiping’s removal is only the first step in a series of actions targeting six publications and 15 prominent media workers. Apart from the Southern Metropolis Daily, other publications on the blacklist are Southern Weekly, Southern Window and The Beijing News. It is believed that propaganda officials will move in next to axe content from digital media, such as Sina, NetEase and Yahoo. The Oral History page on the Phoenix TV site is also widely tipped as the next victim of censorship.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Dalai Lama address to European Parliament

“Although my faith in the Chinese leadership with regard to Tibet is becoming thinner and thinner, my faith in the Chinese people remains unshaken. I have therefore been advising the Tibetan people to make concerted efforts to reach out to the Chinese people.”

Dalai Lama address to the European Parliament, December 4

Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Good Ganbu: How to make a Good Plan

No great leaders without beautiful characters
No great leaders without beautiful characters


Today I’m going to show you my favorite Revolutionary Opera. It shows how to make a perfect plan. You must gather information about your enemies and make a perfect analysis. Then you make a strategy.
Of course, the task may be daunting. Therefore, you have to choose the right person to fulfill the difficult conditions of the task. Who should be chosen for the task?
It must be someone with the right class background (ideally a peasant). He must support the Party. He must have gone through many battles and he must have given the enemy a lot of fatal blows by outsmarting them. He must be someone who has saved a lot of brothers-in-arms and fellow Chinese people.
He must be ready to act on his own. It must be someone like
And then, you will surely stride from victory to victory.
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