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Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Piece of Chinese Patriotic Education

The internet can facilitate friendship and understanding between the nations of the world. Umm… realization, anyway.
The China Digital Times published the text and a translation of an act that is apparently taught to Chinese schoolchildren – probably a local initiative by some nice Chinese patriotic teachers and unlikely to be publicly endorsed by the CCP Central Committee.

Excerpt (video included):

Lead: Earthquakes, shifting back and forth like the positions of Sarkozy, with his dirty tricks, trying to shake the great China
Lead: Did China retreat?
All: No. The Shenzhou-7 launched. We are victorious!
Lead: Pathetic Europe will never stop the insurmountable force of our great dynasty
All: Just the aftershocks from the earthquake would destroy France!

Radovan Karadzic Award

Radovan Karadzic Award

Here is Hermit’s cultural exchange plan: the patriotic teachers are asked to authenticate themselves and qualify for this Patriotic Award. After that, the teachers and their rock band can go on a world tour and achieve global cult status. From the money earned on their world tour, these outstanding educators can finance some aircraft carriers. Or they can spend the money in pubs and brothels to get a bit more relaxed.

Update, January 1 2009: A Linguistic Analysis…


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