Late Weekend Links

It started snowing again this afternoon, and combined with some high wind, it had all the makings of a blizzard. So people were out with their cameras to record the beginnings of what they thought might become this winter’s really big event.

A cat watches the night fall.

Snow is in the air (last night).

But it’s spring after all. It’s lots of snow, but by now, it feels somewhat sticky, with temperatures around zero degrees C., long after sunset.

Lots of political news from China to read, but that will probably have to wait until Thursday.

Old news, but with some interesting background – MKL wrote about Taiwan’s participation in the 2013 World Baseball Classics last weekend, and about Taiwanese-Japanese relations in general.

Last Saturday (yesterday), MKL wrote about the Taiwanese independence movement, with some photos and personal impressions. And the Far-Eastern Sweet Potato wonders if spontaneous and long-term campaigns in Taiwan’s civil society are leading to a new phase of national consciousness.

And Kim Andrew Elliott collected news about cautious Australian reactions to reported Radio Australia jamming by China, and an outspoken reaction from the Voice of America (VoA).



» BBC Statement, Febr 26, 2013


One Comment to “Late Weekend Links”

  1. Thanks for the links to my posts. Looks like I have caught quite the attention with my latest post, a prominent Taiwan blogger felt compelled to leave a long comment. It looks like I unintentionally stepped on someone’s toe. Interesting.


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