Libya: the Reporter in the Rye

Qiu Yongzheng (邱永峥), senior war correspondent (资深记者) in Libya for Huanqiu Shibao (the reporter in the rye, pictured at the top left of his Huanqiu blog mainpage, observing the war from a botanic harbor), has found that many media and websites were using his articles and photos without asking his permission. He therefore re-iterates that articles and photos used in his blog are his own original works, and that without his permission, none of those may be reproduced or published.

[Update, Oct 27, 2011: the blog with the photo apparently doesn’t exist anymore. Now defunct link: Please find a screenshot below]

Reporter in the Rye

Reporter in the Rye

In a blog entry of Thursday he wrote:

US military explained an American F-15E jet’s crash with “mechanical failure” (机械故障), but the reporter [i. e. Qiu] believes that the armed forces of Libya’s government are probably capable of shooting down American warplanes (记者认为利比亚政府军应该具有击落美国战机的可能性). Earlier, the reporter saw a group of destroyed tanks while on the road, but without loss of their radar equipment. Since they were equipped with air defense radar, the Libyan government’s more advanced troops (更精锐的部队) were certainly using air defense weapons.

To protect their tank units, Libya’s government troops equipped many of them with former Soviet-made air-defense missiles. These can be taken away and quite possibly be launched against US warplanes from hidden places. But this conclusion is only a guess, and has not been confirmed.

Commenter Sweet Song (甜歌) expressed his respect for Qiu’s war reporting spirits today (我对你战地报道精神表示敬意!希望能看到更精彩的前方报到,同时祝你平安!), and wished him peace.

3 Responses to “Libya: the Reporter in the Rye”

  1. Mr. Qiu forgot to blacken/green his face and hands.


  2. Are you sure you understand China, Tai De? That would have been an ugly photo. A Chinese war correspondent must look smart.



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