The Leaders’ Efforts – Wu Sike begins Talks in Damascus

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SANA – Damascus

Syrian minister for external affairs and overseas Syrian nationals Walid Muallem met with Chinese special envoy for Middle Eastern issues at noon today. During the meeting, the two sides discussed China’s and Syria’s bilateral relations, how to develop cooperation in all fields, and how to advance them to strategic cooperation.


Minister Muallem described the effects of Syria’s current situation, and the pace of the reforms adopted by Syria’s leaders, aimed at satisfying the demands of the people, as well as the efforts made by Syria’s leaders to implement the reforms, such as the national dialog conference held in Damascus. He also gave an account of president Bashar al-Assad’s meeting with the Arab Ministerial Committee of yesterday.

穆阿利姆部长详细介绍了叙利亚当前局势的影响,以及叙利亚领导人所采取的改革步伐,其目的为了满足人民的需求,以及叙利亚领导人为实施改革所付出的努力,如:在大马士革举行国民对话大会。 另外,还向中国特使讲述了巴沙尔•阿萨德总统昨天与阿拉伯部长级委员会的会议结果。

Wu Sike emphasized China’s friendly relations with Syria. The Chinese side attached great importance to Syria’s security and stability, because Syria’s security and stability were also the entire Middle Eastern region’s security and stability. Wu Sike also rated the Syrian leaders’ efforts in this regard highly, in that they adopted dialog and following through on reforms to address the current crisis.


Wu Sike emphasized that the two countries should continue their cooperation, concerning international forums. He also rejected any kind of external interference in Syria’s internal politics.




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