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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Net Nanny: The Uninformed Reserve


a comrade from Zimbabwe related this story to me:

Net Nanny: Good and Bad Information

Net Nanny: Good and Bad Information

Once upon a time, there was a great Zulu king named Shaka Zulu. He was very successful, and one of his permanent battle rules was to keep a large, uninformed reserve of warriors a short distance behind his battle line. The elderly warriors composing it were directed to turn their backs on the scene of battle so that they were unable to watch and become either dejected or unduly elated at the fortunes of battle.

Thus, Shaka Zulu became a very successful ruler, and he and his people led very happy lives behind the battle lines. By not being unduly informed, the reserve warriors always did the right thing, when their moment came.

This would have been unthinkable, had there been the shameless and cruel information imperialism the viperish western imperialist forces have in store for developing countries these days, inundating innocent people with schemes of so-called “freedom of information”! The reserve warriors would have been tweeted even before the beginning of the battle!

Therefore, of course, we must protect our citizens from information imperialism. And we must hit the imperialists hard when they try to “inform” themselves, too, such as Naoko Mizutani (水谷尚子) from Japan. Silly posts like that one referring to her case only want to conceal the imperialist’s real intentions! Sometimes, information for foreigners is also bad information. We must make sure that they get and spread the good information.

Life is war. Business is war. Relations with imperialists are war. We must use the imperialists, but we must not allow a so-called “open dialog” with them – those snakes would only buffalo our imbéciles reserve heros behind the Great Firewall, making them feel either dejected or unduly elated.

时刻准备者 !

Comrade Nanny

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