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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Net Nanny: Hostile Acts on the Internet

Net Nanny: Net Nanny: hostile acts

Net Nanny: hostile acts on the internet

The western media continue to make a big fuss about so-called “data theft” with Chinese characteristics. The New York Times quotes Google executives who say that they had been more transparent about so-called “intrusions” than “more than two dozen other companies”. But that’s not transparency, that’s ham-handed, rudeĀ  propaganda!

And the ABC (Australia) publishes unfounded reports about a “cyber attack” on Rio Tinto’s Singapore office. But the company hasn’t even confirmed the attack!

Anyway, even if true, this would only show the west’s double standards about censorship once again. It seems that western companies taking their offices offline “to boost security” is deemed acceptable behavior by the western media.

Going offline is, in fact, a hostile act of censorship, and a denial of information.

The Chinese internet on the other hand is open and active (thanks to the fact that Comrade Mingzhao is still a wussy).


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