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Thursday, April 29, 2010

About Bigots, and an Endorsement

Belonging to the camp left of the center myself, I know a thing or two about bigots from this side. Maybe the worst bunch of them lives (and governs) on the opposite side of the globe, in Australia.

Yes, smoking kills. But so does paragliding. And even non-smokers have to die. Also, if smoking is terrible, you can at least make sure that the packages look nice.
I have the suspicion that bashing smokers has become so popular within the left spectrum because they are supposed to be lower-class – and social democrats are most likely to feel embarrassed of their own clientele. Besides, there is that particular leftist drive to “educate the common people”. I know – it’s a tradition to venerable to simply do away with, even if it does more harm than good.


Talking about bigots, I have no idea if the potential voter Leonid Brezhnev Gordon Brown had a word with this week is a bigot or if she isn’t. All I can say is, have a cigarette, folks. That will help you to relax. Brown may have shown some disdain for a voter – but I’ll quit smoking if someone can convince me that his main political competitors are really more respectful than him.


Anyway. If Gordon Brown is the man you people of Britain love to hate, vote for him on May 6th. Because whichever party you are going to vote into government (if any in particular), it will have to make very unpleasant budget cuts. You can vote Mr Brown in for another term, hate him for five years (or less, depending on a number of factors too complex to discuss in a short post), and make a fresh choice then, with a rebalanced budget. He’ll do a good job at rebalancing it.


As for Australia, where elections are to be held this year, too: I don’t know. It’s so far away. But anyway, vote for some bright, nice and relaxed people.


Embarrassed of your Yellow Toe Nails, Ezine, someday

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