Han Chinese Defenders for Tibetan Defendants

An abbot and living Buddha, Phurbu Tsering Rinpoche (普布泽仁仁波切), has been charged with illegal weapons possession and embezzlement, after more than 80 nuns from two convents he leads had protested on May 18 last year.

The convents are located in the autonomous prefecture of Ganzi ((甘孜藏族自治州)), Sichuan province, and the abbot is on trial at Ganzi Intermediate People’s Court.

Two lawyers who offered to defend Tibetans arrested for taking part in demonstrations last year were disbarred, according to a Congressional Research Service (CRS) report in 2008.

Phurbu Tsering Rinpoche is defended by Han Chinese lawyers who were told by government officials not to take on any cases of Tibetans.

If development is an irrefutable argument, so is professionalism.

The central government has published a National Human Rights Action Plan this month. They should be proud of China’s truly professional lawyers.

Are they?

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