Obituary: Chris Gelken, 1955 – 2014

Chris Gelken, a former anchor and editor at China Radio International, Press TV (Iran), and media in Hong Kong and South Korea, died in the French city of Limoges on April 4, aged 58, according to the Korea Herald online.



» BC and AD, Ridealist, October 14, 2013
» Have we met, Dec 6, 2011
» Publish & be damned, Korea Herald, April 5, 2010


2 Comments to “Obituary: Chris Gelken, 1955 – 2014”

  1. Yeah, I read about this earlier this week as well, and did think about removing that post where he came round complaining about what he had (pretty obviously) written, and then regretted having written. In the end, whilst I was sad to hear of his death even if we had never crossed paths except in the context of him complaining about me criticizing him for having worked for the Chinese and Iranian state media, I decided to let things stand as they were.

    Nil nissi bonum as they say.


  2. There is some kind of before and after death when it’s about people. I don’t think I’ll remove anything either, and he confirmed his view of continental Europeans here and on your blog after all, but this intervention was important. I consider nothing in the “The Latest” article as Gelken’s own words.


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