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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Xi Jinping on the Guiding Role of Teachers: Unobtrusive and Imperceptible Moral Influence

Xinhua, via, January 4, 2012

The CCP’s Central Committee Organization Department, the CCP Propaganda Department, and the CCP’s party committee at the Ministry of Education held their twentieth national meeting on party development work at institutions of higher education. Member of the CCP Central Committee’s Politbureau Standing Committee, secretary of the CCP’s Central Committee Secretariat, and State Vice Chairman Xi Jinping met with delegates and gave a speech. He emphasized that higher education is an important field [or garden] for the education and training of young talents, and an important front for arming the young with socialist core values and ideology. The development of party work at institutions of higher education should closely surround the training of a reliable generation of successors, in correspondence with the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics as a fundamental task. For the building of high-quality socialist universities which are able to train students, strong ideological, political and organizational guarantees needed to be provided [by the party].


Xi Jinping pointed out that teachers*) are the engineers of the human spirit, and guides for growing-up students. [Teachers’] ideological and political qualities and noble morality had a strong influence on young students, and played a most important role in ideological dissemination. This required our teachers to persist in imparting knowledge and teaching people with an attitude of high social responsibility, to be worthy of the name of teacher [or to be a model of virtue for others], and to unobtrusively and imperceptibly influence the students with good ideological and moral qualities. Young teachers were an important force within the institutions of higher education, as they communicated and interacted with students more frequently, and thus had a strong influence on students. To strengthen the young teaching staff’s ideological and political development was an important task for the party. The deepening of meticulous ideological guidance of young teaching staff, increased development of party members among them, and the perfection of party membership structures at institutions of higher education needed to be carried out well.


Xi Jinping emphasized that our party will hold its 18th National Congress this year, which was a great event in the political life of the entire party, and the entire nation with all its nationalities and people. [Those in the development of party development] at institutions of higher education needed to highlight and welcome the great victory of the 18th National Congress, and study, propagate and put into effect the 18th National Congress’ spirit, perform still better as party commissions, as  the leading core at institutions of higher education, and party organizations on all levels needed to function as bastions, and broaden their role as pioneering models.


Activities of excellence needed to be developed further, the broadening of party members’ role in the implementation of the educational policies be promoted and widened, internal development be upheld, learning management comprehensively be raised further, excellence be brought into the practice of self-strengthening, and excellence activities become a regularity.  Practical and powerful measures needed to be taken to maintain harmony and stability at institutions of higher education, daily management be strengthened, and a good atmosphere be created for the victorious 18th National Party Congress.


Politbureau member, Central Committee Secretariat secretary, and Central Propaganda director Liu Yunshan, Politbureau member and state councillor Liu Yandong, Politbureau member, Central Committee Secretariat secretary, and central organization department director Li Yuanchao attended the meeting.


According to the Xinhua article, Liu Yandong summarized or reviewed the ideological and political education work at institutions of higher education during the years after (last) 17th National Party Congress, and emphasized the need to deeply understand the new situations and tasks party work there was facing. She also made the usual references to using the latest achievements of Marxism to arm mentality (or brains), and repeated Xi Jinping’s definition of training of a reliable generation of successors, in correspondence with the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics. She added some remarks about the importance of patriotism and national pride.

Li Yuanchao presided over the meeting.


*) I’ve chosen the term teachers as the (probably) most universal translation of 教师. The term may refer to fully-grown professors just as well, in the context of Xi’s speech.



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