Hermit: the Newest Angry Professor strives for your Originality!

Hello Children,

Hermit the soon-to-be-a-nobel-prize-laureate Taoist Dragonfly

Hermit the soon-to-be-a-nobel-prize-laureate Taoist Dragonfly

on Tuesday, I attended a very funny lecture at Zhejiang University. Professor Zheng Qiang (郑强) gave a witty talk and showed that he is a true friend of children like you. He says that growing up is not easy, and that it is no coincidence that our motherland’s children don’t grow to become Nobel Prize laureates later, but only Olympic winners instead. They aren’t free enough to leave the shadows of their parents’ control and ambitions, and therefore can’t  develop their own and original intellectual strengths! Children need time to play! But instead, their parents set the agenda! This hurts professor Zheng’s feelings very much!

He said that growing up is no 30-meters race and no 300-meters race and no 3,000-meters race! No, it’s a tenthousand-meters race! On  opening ceremonies of new semesters at Zhejiang University, a student is, on average, accompanied by 3.3 eldersparents or grandparents or whoever!

This is really useless, children. One elder is enough for you. Tell your parents to leave you alone. After all, schools and universities are taking good care of you.

What a great lecture. Professor Zheng was continuously interrupted by applause and enthusiastic rallying cries (呐喊声)!

Btw, professor Zheng isn’t only a professor, he has also been referred to as the newest fenqing (young and angry) professor by netizens!*) And before you worry that this could cause trouble, be assured that his anger is good anger, because he isn’t only a professor, but also the university’s deputy party secretary! He has even been voted Zhejiang University students’ favorite professor for three consecutive times!

So you can see from this, dear children, that there is no reason to worry. Let the party take good care of you, and you will become Nobel Prize laureates before you can spell LXB. Liberate yourselves! Think of the party as your mother! She will guide you to great achievements!

Stay happy, keep the party happy, and strive for originality under her correct leadership!

Got to fly now.



*) Unfortunately, no netizens have commented on this very witty article (Wuhan Evening News / 武汉晚报, via Enorth) yet.

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