Granite Studio

What’s happened to the Granite Studio?


5 Comments to “Granite Studio”

  1. Um…nothing? Had dumplings for lunch? Gave a lecture on Song Neo-Confucianism? Slow history week? Anything in particular you’re concerned about?


  2. When clicking to your website’s home, I’m getting a Network Solutions webpage under your domain:
    Backorder this domain
    If you are not the current registrant for this domain name and want to register this domain, you may place a backorder. There are no upfront fees and no risk to place a backorder.
    Plus some stuff about “granite kitchen worktops”, etc.


  3. First I thought JR wrote ‘Granite Studio’ but meant something else. Then I tried myself, and found he is not pulling our leg. The funny thing is that on a mouse-over I get a popup of Granite Studio, but on a click, there comes the sh1t as JR has described. Actually, I don’t find it funny at all!


  4. Huh….weird. I just checked it an it seems to be working okay, but let me look into it. Thanks for the heads up.


  5. It’s back to normal now. Here, anyway.


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