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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Quote: “Serf Emancipation Day”

Comrades and friends:

Today, on the arrival of the anniversary of serf liberation in Tibet, we are holding a forum in the solemn Great Hall of the People, and celebrate, with people of all ethnic groups in Tibet, the quelling of the rebellion in Tibet, the fifty years of implementation of democratic reforms. First, in the name of the Central Committee and the State Council, I want to express my highest consideration and cordial greetings to those who for fifty years have defended the achievements of Tibetan democratic reform, protected Tibet’s stability and national unity, the workers of all Tibetan nationalities who made contributions to a new socialist Tibet, farmers and herdsmen, intellectuals, cadres, and people from all walks of life, as well as the PLA troops stationed in Tibet, Tibet People’s Armed Police troops, and police officers! To all those who for a long time have cared about Tibet, loved Tibet, supported Tibet’s development and progress – all nationalities, overseas Chinese, international friends -, I express my heartfelt thanks! […..]


今天,在“西藏百万农奴解放纪念日”来临之际,我们在庄严的北京人民大会堂召开座谈会,与西藏各族人民一起隆重庆祝西藏平息叛乱、实行民主改革50周 年。首先,我代表党中央、国务院,向50年来为捍卫西藏民主改革成果、维护西藏稳定和国家统一、建设社会主义新西藏作出贡献的西藏各族工人、农牧民、知识 分子、干部和各界人士,以及人民解放军驻藏部队指战员、武警西藏部队官兵和公安干警,表示崇高的敬意和亲切的问候!向长期以来关心西藏、热爱西藏、支持西 藏发展进步的全国各族人民和海外侨胞、国际友人,表示衷心的感谢!

Historical facts can not be changed, and epochal tides can’t be resisted. No matter how the Dalai clique masks itself and what kind of sophistry, no matter how it instigates and sabotages, this can’t change the objective truth that Tibet has since ancient times been an inseparable part of China, and it can’t obliterate the fifty years of enormous success in the democratization of Tibet, and it can’t shake the determination of the Chinese people, Tibetan compatriots included, to safeguard national unity, can’t obstruct Tibet’s development, progress and prosperity within the great family of the motherland. […..]

历史事实不可改变,时代潮流不可阻挡。无论达赖集团如何伪装和狡辩,无论达赖集 团如何煽动和破坏,都无法改变西藏自古是中国不可分割一部分的客观事实,无法抹杀西藏民主改革50年的巨大成就,无法动摇包括藏族同胞在内的全体中国人民 维护国家统一的坚定决心,无法阻挡西藏在祖国大家庭中繁荣发展进步的坚实步伐。[…..]

Jia Qinglin (贾庆林), CPPCC chairman, on March 27

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