Expect Slowing Output…

… during the coming days. I’m talking about this blog, not about the economy.

[Update – December 7, 2011: Chris Gelken contests authorship of  the article in question. Details can be found here.]

Homework, Bremen-Hemelingen, August 2011

Homework, Bremen-Hemelingen, August 2011 (click above for bigger photo)

I sometimes wonder if I’m blogging for a hope to contribute to an “online newspaper” which doesn’t exist in print, and one I’d like to read in the real world. The other pages of that imaginary online paper would be sources like the ones you can find under my Blogroll/Resources collection to the right, further down.

I’m not sure if papers were better in the past, or if my ideas of what a good paper should be like have changed, or if I’m feeling that the papers haven’t been in step with the changing times. What Foarp has dug up from an, umm, anchorman (for the sake of civility, I’m not going to use the noun I deem truly apposite re Chris Gelken) would suggest that the changing times are playing a role, too. Many news people apparently can’t, or don’t want to, catch up with them – or they are a bit too good at catching up with them.

Anyway – once I have posted, I know the blogpost myself. No use to read my own blog as if I was reading a post for the first time, even if it almost felt as if I was reading someone else’s stuff when looking deep into the archives of this blog, choosing my “seven links” in the middle of the night, on Sunday.

I’ll slow down a bit from tonight until Friday. Online, that is. The real world is a different story. Discussions on these commenter threads are welcome, and civility will be an essential – see commenting rules. After all, I’ve controlled myself, too, when I wrote this post’s first paragraph, haven’t I?


2 Comments to “Expect Slowing Output…”

  1. Man, even those write for income need a break …


  2. Think of each blogpost here as a break, Echo – a break during work, or during a vacation.


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