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Monday, August 8, 2011

Net Nanny: International Partners for Better Global Social Management (GSM)

vigilance at all times

Net Nanny: vigilance at all times

The situation is worrying Us. The internet provides bad people with the opportunity to voice their wrong opinions without saying who they are. China’s position has always been consistent. Fortunately, We are not alone.

German home secretary Hans-Peter Friedrich must be praised for his correct views. He correctly said that bloggers and other authors must be obliged to publish online under their real names!

Why doesn’t Fjordman (the man who published anti-islamic stuff online and was quoted by a dandy mass murderer this summer) have to publish his unharmonious hate under his real name? Why, for that matter, doesn’t JR need to publish his unharmonious hate under his real name? Why can Chinese bad elements, at home and abroad, write under a pen name? More transparency on the internet would be much more convenient for social management!

Therefore, We hereby include Mr. Friedrich into our Recommended List of Role Models, a list which hitherto only included our collective leadership with Hu Jintao as the core, all previous collective and not-so-collective leaderships, Lei Feng, and Zhang Ziyi , and We propose, with this announcement, a Global Social Management (GSM) system to be discussed and prepared at all relevant international appointments, to make harmony spread in every country of the world.

We wish Mr. Zimmermann Friedrich*) success, and looking forward to fruitful cooperation with Germany in all relevant international committees, and we encourage all vigilant politicians, from wherever they may be, to join us in the struggle. Together, we will stride from victory to victory in making the internet more harmonious!


Net Nanny

» Wait for the Appointed Time, January 29, 2010


Friedrich Zimmermann was one of Hans-Peter Friedrich‘s predecessors as home minister, from 1982 – 1989. Just as the incumbent, Friedrich Zimmermann was a member of the Bavarian CSU party. For that (and maybe for some other reasons, too) I confused the two names. (Thanks for pointing to it, NWD.)


Monday, August 8, 2011

Mass Work: PSB teams up with Weibo and People’s Daily

On Monday, a year after its establishment, the Weibo channel of Beijing Safe and Well (平安北京), aka “Safe Beijing”, officially registered with Peoples Daily‘s website. Weibo is China’s micro-blogging platform, similar to Twitter (which is banned in China), and Beijing Safe and Well is an initiative from the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau (公安局, PSB).

I’m not sure what “registering with People’s Daily website” (落户人民网) means, but it seems to amount to People’s Daily republishing what the PSB posts on Weibo.

The initiative had been a certain public-relations success in establishing work with the masses (在公共关系建设和群众工作上取得了一定成效) as a carrier of information (资讯发布载体), a window of mass work (群众工作窗口), and a bridge for police-public communication (警民沟通桥梁), Beijing Police is quoted by People’s Daily. During its first year, they had posted more than 9,000 messages (more than 7,000 of them on Weibo), more than 2,000 blogposts, more than 200 videos, recorded some 26 million views and 1.5 million fans. There had been “successful handling of six suicide cases live on the internet etc.” (成功处置微博直播自杀等网络突发事件6件), and 170 other issues (or “situations”, 解决网友反映的突出情况).

The PSB are frequently referred to as “police”, but their work apparently goes far beyond handling situations as described by People’s Daily. When Liu Xiaobo was sentenced to eleven years in jail in December 2009, Teng Biao, another dissident, stated that a testimony he had previously made at the Beijing PSB had been used as evidence, even though he hadn’t been heard in court himself, and even though he hadn’t actually mentioned Liu Xiaobo in his testimony.

Allegedly, the PSB are also instrumental in spin-doctoring on the internet once sensitive situations arise locally.



» “How to speak in the Microblog Age”, CMP, August 2, 2011
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