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Friday, August 19, 2011

Tibet and the Xinhai Revolution

Late last year, and early this year, I expected the Xinhai Revolution – or Hsinhai Revolution – to feature much more prominently on China-related blogs, and on both Chinese and foreign media, than is currently the case. But then, I wasn’t aware that this year is also the 90th anniversary of the establishment of the Chinese Communist Party. Crime sells better than more comprehensive coverage on  human evolution, so maybe we shouldn’t be surprised that the 100th anniversary of Chinese republicanism isn’t featuring too prominently.

That said, October 10th will be the actual day in history, and we may see some more reviews of it during the coming weeks.

High Peaks, Pure Earth posted an English translation of a blogpost by Woeser the other day, on Tibet during the Xinhai Revolution – neither the CCP nor the KMT are viewed too friendly in this context.

This blog, too, contains a few Xinhai-revolution related posts, both from a Chinese and a Taiwanese perspective.  A few more are likely to follow during the rest of this year.



“Serf-Emancipation Day”, March 28, 2009


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