Chen Guangcheng leaves China

Chen Guangcheng, his wife Yuan Weijing, and their two children are on a plane to the United States, reports Die Zeit.

2 Comments to “Chen Guangcheng leaves China”

  1. And you should hear the hyperbole being spouted by some of the HR groupies in NY. Greater than JFK, Martin Luther King, Ghandi blah, blah all rolled into one.

    Turned off the TV immediately and went back to by book, part of which I should recommend.

    Will Hutton The Writing on the Wall.

    Extremely wide ranging discussions some of which may interest, but I recommend the chapter on the banking system – The Economic Impossibility of the Halfway House. Must read stuff, since it captures the political economy of the PRC perfectly.

    Ah JR. Aren’t penalty shootouts soooo unfair.


  2. Chen Guangcheng seems to be married to a strong woman, and she might know how what to do if his ego should get too inflated. But hyperboles are the downside of American enthusiasm. The good thing is that it has gotten him out of immediate trouble, at least for now. I wish his wider family luck.

    You won’t hear me complain about penalty shootouts, KT. On average, they’ve served us well, and that one last weekend was just an accident.


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