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Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Heritage of Günter Grass – a Vision

Uneducated critics who worship only money (or markets) are making fun of Günter Grass‘ latest poem, the one about the EU and Greece, or Germany and Greece, or Merkel and Greece… That’s how an educated critic – a critic who praises the poem – criticized those who criticize the poem, the second one by Grass within weeks. It’s the educated critics who decide who is educated, and who is uneducated, of course.

If Grass continues to churn out poems at his current rate, not only the “uneducated” will lose interest. But a very educated team of class book editors will, years on, sit at a round table full of newspaper clippings, in a conference center, their foreheads furrowed, and curse the old master:

“Fuck – which one shall we take? Why are there no pictures added to the later ones? And when did he challenge himself last time?”

Don’t keep encouraging the old sage. His heritage is going to haunt you.



» What Must be Said, Guardian, April 5, 2012


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