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Monday, July 18, 2011

Hermit: When You Stop at an Old Friend’s Farmhouse…

Hello Children,

Hermit the Taoist Dragonfly: You've seen the Future

Hermit the Taoist Dragonfly: You've seen the Future

here is another bit of cultural training for you. If you want to have a good relationship and good business with China later on, when you have grown up, there are only a few rules to follow, as shown in this reception for American preparatory high school students by our chairman Hu Jintaolast Friday. It’s never too early to learn, so here goes…

It was an unprecedented meeting, as our chairman was welcoming ordinary people to Zhongnanhai, but also, the way it went was mostly very precedented, and hallowed by tradition (except for the hugs). Look at this dialog!

“Glad to see you again,” said Hu, who was all smiles. “I am delighted to welcome you to Zhongnanhai.”

“We are very honored and very happy,” the students said.

Very precedented indeed. When you are very honored and very happy, everyone will be happy. Of course, you need to feel very honored, and not only happy.

Speaking in front of the Zhanxulou (The Pavilion of Placid Leisure), the students told Hu about their experiences in China and the feelings those had left them with.

To make sure about a cordial and placid meeting, don’t bother your Chinese counterpart (let alone our chairman) with stories about  people who greeted you with a funny-sounding HELLO? (if you travelled outside Beijing, anyway), and don’t think of this as a meeting where you are supposed to talk. To give our chairman a painting depicting a panda, the Great Wall and high-rise buildings in the US may be acceptable, even if “Grandpa” is not exactly the appropriate way to address our chairman.

An Old Friend's Farmhouse, CCTV Xinwen Lianbo, July 15, 2011 (click on this picture for video)

An Old Friend's Farmhouse, CCTV Xinwen Lianbo, July 15, 2011 (click on this picture for video)

If you are presented with a present by our chairman or any other important personality in our country, as he or she is aware of your humble birthday, give the whole world around you a look of astonishment, repeating the words “thank you” again and again.

Don’t take offense if a scholar, in a Huanqiu Shibao article, uses our chairman’s (or any other important Chinese personality’s) cordial reception for you as an example of how much our country cherishes good relations with the outside world and your country, while accusing your president of wanting to tear China apart, by accepting a spectacled dangerous monk‘s visit in the White House’s map room. Instead, you must understand the difference between our leadership which is full of love for the Tibetans, the Taiwanese, the Uyghurs, and the rest of the world (including your country).

While we are at it, don’t mention any unhappy issues when meeting an important Chinese personality. Don’t even apologize for your own president’s unruly behavior. Rather, show by your actions that you understand the real China.

To recite a Tang poem like Meng Haoran‘s (孟浩然) “Stopping at an Old Friend’s Farmhouse” is quite alright when meeting a central CCP cadre or leader, but consider refraining from reciting that kind of stuff when meeting urban cadres (local ones, that is), unless you know that they share the leadership’s concern for the countryside. You may come across as poor and stupid county bumpkins otherwise.

Also, refrain from singing the wrong songs at the wrong time. Sometimes, the time is right for a song or a recital, sometimes it’s not. What is sometimes pleasant, may be unpleasant at other times. In case of a doubt, check sensitives recitals with the CCP propaganda department in advance, before meeting our important personalities.

Your unforgettable reception by our chairman, or any other important Chinese personality, will help you to reciprocate in the right way, by defending China against insults from and in your country, once you are back. As our chairman honors you with so much of his precious time, you should reciprocate many-fold, as reciprocity and loyalty are value cherished by the Chinese people. Once you are back in America (some time later this month),

  • participate in phone-in shows frequently, especially if China is the topic, but otherwise, too. I mean, who cares about topics. China always matters.  Tell the host how good China is, how deep your impressions are, and how shameful America’s reply to China’s generosity is
  • write letters to the editors of your country’s newspapers, especially when China was the topic in an insulting way, and put everything straight
  • tell all your friends and family that China is the future, and that you’ve seen it
  • An old Chinese saying says 知行合一 (zhī xíng hé yī) which means the unity of knowledge and action. Don’t only tell people that China is the future, but act accordingly in whichever way. Submission is the best way to show that you know where the power is.
  • If your own country’s president, or any other important American personality, should ever receive Chinese students in a way similar to the way our Chinese chairman received you, please understand that your president’s action is just a cheap propaganda stunt, and changes nothing about your government’s hostile intentions toward us, the Chinese people. Use all the afore-mentioned methods to call your leaders’ bluff.

Be a true friend of the Chinese people. Learn from Norman Bethune, Joan Hinton (she was occasionally embarrassing, but a true friend of the Chinese people all the same), or Lisa Carducci.

Actually, Lisa Carducci is a particularly good example of how to be a great friend of the Chinese people. While it isn’t right to mention unpleasant things when meeting an important Chinese personality, it is good to show by your action that you disagree with your own bad government when it acts against China.

Carducci has always been forthright in her opinion. When the Chinese embassy in Belgrade was bombed in 1999, she wrote an article saying that the United States was responsible.

Of course, your opinion must not only be forthright. It must also be the correct opinion. If you expose yourselves to our venerable civilization long enough, you will hardly make any mistakes anymore. In fact, you may become almost as civilized as those HELLO? sayers in our more rural streets.

Basically, so long as you understand that the CCP and China are the same thing, at least you won’t commit grave mistakes, and you can’t really misjudge a situation completely.

And your business with China will stride from profit to profit.

That’s my lesson for today, dear children. Remember: you’ve seen the future, and it’s China. Or: when you stop at an old friend’s farmhouse, say nothing wrong.



» Tibet: the CCP sighs with Emotion, July 17, 2011
» Cui Tiankai on South China Sea: Keep it Simple, June 24, 2011
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» “Stopping at an Old Friend’s Farmhouse”, Yingyu Daxue

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hermit: the Newest Angry Professor strives for your Originality!

Hello Children,

Hermit the soon-to-be-a-nobel-prize-laureate Taoist Dragonfly

Hermit the soon-to-be-a-nobel-prize-laureate Taoist Dragonfly

on Tuesday, I attended a very funny lecture at Zhejiang University. Professor Zheng Qiang (郑强) gave a witty talk and showed that he is a true friend of children like you. He says that growing up is not easy, and that it is no coincidence that our motherland’s children don’t grow to become Nobel Prize laureates later, but only Olympic winners instead. They aren’t free enough to leave the shadows of their parents’ control and ambitions, and therefore can’t  develop their own and original intellectual strengths! Children need time to play! But instead, their parents set the agenda! This hurts professor Zheng’s feelings very much!

He said that growing up is no 30-meters race and no 300-meters race and no 3,000-meters race! No, it’s a tenthousand-meters race! On  opening ceremonies of new semesters at Zhejiang University, a student is, on average, accompanied by 3.3 eldersparents or grandparents or whoever!

This is really useless, children. One elder is enough for you. Tell your parents to leave you alone. After all, schools and universities are taking good care of you.

What a great lecture. Professor Zheng was continuously interrupted by applause and enthusiastic rallying cries (呐喊声)!

Btw, professor Zheng isn’t only a professor, he has also been referred to as the newest fenqing (young and angry) professor by netizens!*) And before you worry that this could cause trouble, be assured that his anger is good anger, because he isn’t only a professor, but also the university’s deputy party secretary! He has even been voted Zhejiang University students’ favorite professor for three consecutive times!

So you can see from this, dear children, that there is no reason to worry. Let the party take good care of you, and you will become Nobel Prize laureates before you can spell LXB. Liberate yourselves! Think of the party as your mother! She will guide you to great achievements!

Stay happy, keep the party happy, and strive for originality under her correct leadership!

Got to fly now.



*) Unfortunately, no netizens have commented on this very witty article (Wuhan Evening News / 武汉晚报, via Enorth) yet.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Science in Action: China’s Golden Vase of National Unity

China Experts answer your questions. Send them to Follow-up questions are illegal and invalid.

Today: a question from our compatriot Mr. Wang, who lives in Chinese Keelung (基隆). At the desk today is Hermit, the Scientific Taoist Dragonfly.


Dear Mr. Hermit,

Five Living Buddhas were certified as Living Buddhas in a festive ceremony in Chengdu on Christmas Eve. The date confused me a bit, because I thought that Western religion and Buddhism are different things. Are they related somehow? And why are Living Buddhas  ciertified by Li Chongxi (李崇禧), who is himself not actually a Buddhist? Why would the CCP engage in superstitious activities?

Wang Hsien-sheng

Dear Mr. Wang,

Hermit the Scholarly Dragonfly

Your confusion is indeed not small. If you lived under our correct scientific guidance and leadership, this wouldn’t happen. But thank you for asking. As long as there are questions, there is always the hope for peaceful reunification and a better mutual understanding. I hope my efforts will also help our foreign friends to understand our motherland better.

The ceremony, of course, had nothing to do with Christmas. It was only advantageous to choose that day, because of some cosmic constellations which have nothing to do with Buddhism either, but were established by the Imperial Observatory scientifically. The constellation on the ground was advantageous, too, because all the malicious foreign press people who could have made fun of the festive event otherwise were sitting under their christmas trees and singing superstitious songs. This would be a better world without superstition, but as long as superstition continues to exist among a few Chinese people (the Chinese people includes Taiwan, Tibet, and Xinjiang), reasonable scientific patriots need to make sure that even superstitious people are at least patriotic.

Also, superstitious behavior is often used by outside forces to create a lot of trouble in our harmonious country. Did you know that there are still some problems with the reincarnation of living Buddhas?

Some reincarnated soul boys were appointed against religious ritual and historical convention, and without the government’s approval. This violated the normal order of Tibetan Buddhism and undermined the internal integrity of Tibetan Buddhism. The personages of the Tibetan Buddhist circle strongly protested against such practice and asked the government to strengthen its governance. Implementation of the rule regularized living Buddhas’ reincarnation and met the demand of the Tibetan Buddhist circles and aspiration of the followers.

You will have guessed it: the splittist so-called Dailai and other splittist forces were behind some of these illegal and invalid practices, too.  Superstition always leads to confusion. But there were good patriotic personages who at least wouldn’t allow that to disturb the harmony. That’s why the CCP must take good care of religious affairs. Based on science, we made sure that the real world (that’s ours) and superstition (that’s theirs) can harmoniously coexist.

The government only administers religious affairs of State and public interest and will not interfere in the pure internal affairs of religion. The authority prescribed by the rule includes:
– Accepting, verifying and approving applications for reincarnation.
– Approving requests for exemption of such ritual as a boy candidate can only be enthroned after he draws the lot with his name on it from a golden vase.
– Approving living Buddha succession.
– Approving the candidates for master interpreter and chanter of Buddhist scripture for the living Buddha and other related issues formed throughout history.

Living Buddhas, even though they only exist in their own superstitious imagination and that of a few other superstitious Chinese citizens, can play a constructive role in the happy life of our harmonious nation. They can also travel abroad and provide foreigners with vivid examples and detailed and accurate data about the happy life in our harmonious motherland.

Some other so-called Living Buddhas, on the other hand, have shown their unworthiness. Our procedures make sure that nothing terrible ever happens again. Unfortunately, some Han compatriots are also very superstitious.

Long live our Scientific Golden Vase of National Unity!



Pope’s message highlights tensions between Beijing and the Vatican, Irish Independent, December 26, 2010
We Can Stop the Music, October 20, 2008

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hermit: America’s Dirty Helping Hand

Hello Children,

Hermit the Taoist Dragonfly: Pakistan's only friend

Hermit the Taoist Dragonfly: Pakistan's only true friend

of course, it is useful when one nation extends a helping hand to another. But by giving disaster relief to Pakistan, America only wants to improve its tarnished image in Pakistan, and it only wants to counter extremism from Balochistan.

(It doesn’t really matter where Balochistan is, children.)

Therefore, America’s motives are impure.

In fact, Pakistan knows the difference between real and phony friends very well. Pakistan thanked “close friend” of China !

While the American helping hand is dirty, China’s hand is very pure !

To know who your real friend is is very important, children. Never forget who your true friend is.  Never forget Uncle PLA.


Hermit: How China lends a Helping Hand, Dec 22, 2008

Friday, April 2, 2010

Hermit: Google subverts Reform Policies

Hello Children,

Hermit: Hello Children

Hermit the Taoist Dragonfly explains Google's threats against China

we are living in fateful times, and when the motherland is in mortal danger, you must sometimes interrupt your carefree games and heed your instructors’ warnings instead.

Maybe during the past weeks, you have noticed that your parents have become agitated about so-called Google, a  certain foreign-invested search engine. If your parents are among those misguided compatriots who harbor illusions about the hegemonists, you should listen to Uncle Hermit very closely now.

First of all, Google is a very dangerous company that wants to expose the lilywhite souls of our compatriots to online porn. If your parents don’t like our Party’s correct administration of the Chinese internet, it only shows that their once pure souls have already become grey or black.

But most importantly, Google is trying to corrupt the goals of our policies of reform and opening. The goal of Comrade Xiaoping‘s reforms has always been to make use of foreigners and to stoically tolerate the flies that come through the open windows, so long as we need some  bad people here. But in the Google case, it seems that the cooperation between Chinese and foreign investors was actually intricate!

Listen very closely now, children. The purpose of our participation in international business is not to make friends with foreigners! It is to use them, as Comrade Nanny correctly stated before. If those of our compatriots who built a Chinese joint venture with Google thought that a joint venture with foreigners is about win-win, i. e. including win for foreigners, they have profoundly misunderstood the concept of permitting foreign investment in China.

We must think of the Google puppets’ bad example as a stern warning to all of us. We are sometimes too good and honest, and naive. Like Comrade Xiaoping once said in an earlier situation when our country was facing mortal danger from abroad, too, we must pass the test, and we must never forget how cruel our enemies are! Uncle Hermit himself almost died at the hands of the imperialists when he was a child!

If you believe that your parents have become the puppets of foreigners, just send Uncle Hermit a confidential email, and everything is going to be alright again, soon. Don’t worry, children.

Got to fly now. Stay patriotic and vigilant, children.


CYD: Google’s “‘Puppets'”, April 2, 2010

Monday, January 11, 2010

Net Nanny Relaunched (with more Maikefengs)

Net Nanny was released from jail late last week.  The recording of a telephone conversation, tapped into by the JR Intelligence Unit (JIU) on Thursday, suggests that she had been jailed as a result of a power struggle some two weeks ago. The following is the wording of that extremely sensitive state secret phone conversation which apparently led to her release.

Hermit (yells): Shikezhunbeizhe!

Good Ganbu

Good Ganbu

Good Ganbu: Good morning, Comrade. Did you get the news that Comrade Nanny is in jail?

Hermit: Yes I did. Must be a terrible blow to that conceited ugly crow. But well deserved, anyway.

Good Ganbu: Not so fast, Comrade Hermit…

Hermit: GULP!

Good Ganbu: She didn’t read that Californian porn magazine on a public bus for the whole world to see, right?

Hermit: Hardly so. she never socializes with the masses, that much is true. Maybe she read it in the rear compartment of her Red Flag Review Car. She bought herself one in a silly attempt to look as good as our great chairman, but she isn’t working half as xinku as he does.

Good Ganbu: Actually, she didn’t buy it. Uhm… anyway, only you and I have seen her reading that decadent Californian magazine, right?

Hermit: Uhm… who knows? Someone must have handed it to her, right? What are you up to, revered old comrade? Isn’t my work 65 per cent good, and only 35 per cent bad?

Good Ganbu: Well, yes, but you see, it is still 35 per cent bad. Even excellent scientists like you can make mistakes. Your public and neimu dang’an‘s both inform me that you graduated from Shanzhai Normal University (山寨师范大学), Ledu (乐都), Qinghai province, fifteen years ago. You completed your doctoral thesis there one year later, and became a professor there in 1997.

Hermit the Scholarly Dragonfly

Hermit the Scholarly Dragonfly

Hermit: Of course! It is one of our nation’s most acclaimed universities!

Good Ganbu: Ahem… listen, Comrade: our beloved motherland is developing at an unprecedented speed. The world’s fastest trains take us to many places, and even where their victorious rails end, there are comfortable buses and Red Flag Review Cars which now take us to every corner of our motherland…

Hermit: OK, OK, what do you want, revered old Comrade?

Good Ganbu: Comrade Nanny will be released from jail tomorrow, and I expect no further anonymous letters to reach my office, with evil accusations and rumors, OK? The world is in turm0il, and us Comrades must stand together, and not allow our enemies to…

Hermit: Oh, I would never engage in schemes and …

Good Ganbu: Of course not. By the way, in future public appearances and neimu party seminars, Comrade Nanny will be afforded another maikefeng – you will continue to use only one maikefeng. Bye for now.

More maikefengs for Comrade Nanny restore Harmony and give back face to her.

More maikefengs for Comrade Nanny will restore the Harmony and give back face to her.

Hermit (yells): Shikezhunbeizhe!

[Good ganbu rings off. Hermit starts sobbing uncontrolledly.]

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Hermit explains the Economic Crisis

Hello Children,

[This information from an amateur Confucian perspective may be outdated, and is just an amateur’s take, anyway. Don’t count on it.]

Hermit: Hello Children

Hermit the Taoist Dragonfly explains the economic crisis.

if your parents are in a bad mood, maybe it isn’t actually because of you and your stupid questions. Maybe it is because of the economic crisis. What is an economic crisis? An economic crisis means that your parents’ bosses have no money and don’t want to pay them the same amounts of wages anymore and maybe fire them altogether. Then your parents don’t know how to answer your questions about your birthday presents or why you can’t celebrate your birthday at a fast food restaurant with your friends and have to celebrate with a dry pie baked by your Mom instead.

An economic crisis can have a lot of causes, but this one (the one which is why our Dad voted for Obama despite his Golden Ku Klux Clan membership card) is easy to explain, although it is not a short explanation.

The government is the problem, not the solution, they say.

The government is the problem, not the solution, they say.

Lets start with the investment banks. Investment banks created the economic miracle that started when a B-movie star » became president of the United States. Investment banks are here to invent financial instruments that raise capital so that your Daddy’s boss can launch his latest business, or so that your Mom and Dad can build a house with very little money of their own.

Only a bank which doesn’t do what your Mom’s and Dad’s bank does is an investment bank. An investment bank doesn’t necessarily run accounts for people like your Mom and Dad where their bosses remit the monthly wages. Investment banks organise mergers and acquisitions, and raise capital. That’s considered to be  more profitable, as a rule.

And that’s where your Mom and Dad may come into play after all. It doesn’t matter that their money is so small. It can be combined into big flows of money by the investment banks. And such big flows of money can be put into smaller packages again which make it possible for your Mom and Dad to build a house without much (or any) money of their own.

The small packages may be called securities. If your Mom and Dad bought a house and don’t talk much any more, chances are that their house is part of an asset that backs up an asset-backed security. A now very famous kind of asset-backed security is named Collateralized Debt Obligation or simply CDO.

A CDO is based on a portfolio of loans (like loans to your Mom and Dad to buy their house). Tons of such loans or maybe less are packed into one portfolio. Now, a portfolio looks a bit like the dry pie baked by your mom. It’s a bit like this one. But it is more colorful or diverse. Think of it as just as round, but made up of many different pie slices of different colors and sizes and properties (some with strawberries, some with cheese, some with beef, for example). Every slice is a different loan to some couples like your parents who use the loan to buy and finance their house.

The portfolio and the securities from it are the stuff that investors may be interested in. Investors aren’t necessarily huge business people, but rather, they are people who have some money left for experiments, or people who think that “security” means secure. The securities are the little pieces of paper that tell the investor how much money he will get if he buys this piece of paper and if everything goes according to plan.

OK. Then there is your Mom’s and Dad’s house (the asset), then the portfolio the loan your Mom and Dad took for the house is part of, and the picture also shows you the blokes who bought the Collateral Damage… erm… Collateral Debt Obligation which, as I said earlier, is an asset-backed security. And the asset may be your Mom’s and Dad’s house, for example. In an indirect way you could say that the investors are your Mom’s and Dad’s creditors. Of course, the investment bank is between the creditors and your Mom and Dad. Your parents and the investors will probably never meet in person.

OK. One of the investors may be a retired American. He has no clue about the system, thinks that “securities” comes from “secure”, but at least he bought first class securities (also referred to as senior tranches). A rating agency (there are people working there who people expect to know what is good and bad) has rated them AAA which means “very good”. That plus “security” sounds very reassuring to our admiral.

People outside America can buy CDOs too, of course. Let’s just assume that Net Nanny is a bit corrupted by money and is an investor too. Haha, just an example! She wants to be on the safe side too but is less connected in and informed about America. So “security” sounds good enough to her. So she gets a mezzanine tranche, that is a security rated AA to BB which isn’t as safe as AAA. On the other hand, she gets a premium which is bigger than the AAA, because her risk is bigger, too, that too much of the loans making up the portfolio will not be repaid by your Mom and Dad. Of course, if it goes wrong, she gets nothing. In a situation where AAA investors still get their money because only a certain share of loans goes bust, the AAAs may get their money, and she gets nothing. Anyway, she’s in jail now.

Then come people like Forrest Gump or Lei Feng or me, because someone has to be the most likely loser. On the other hand, if an unexpectedly small amount of loans remains un-re-paid and the interests payments by your Mom and Dad also come in as planned (or more or less so), we might actually be big winners, because our premium for taking the risk is so high!

In such a case, Forrest Gump will become a very rich man and build his girl a big house without taking a loan himself at all, and they’ll go on a luxurious journey around the world, and here in China, Net Nanny would have cashed in on her security just to threaten Lei Feng and me with her high position and high connections and take care of our money too, and we would be the losers anyway – but the bottom line is that our motherland’s economy as a whole will be richer than before anyway.

Unfortunately, it all went wrong. The Americans should have watched out, rather than hurting our economy. The Americans hurt the feelings of many Germans, too. Now they fear that they can’t trust their banks if they offer them 30 per cent returns on their investment. Isn’t that terrible?

That much for today, children. Tune in again next time when I explain how even Net Nanny could have been fooled by the bloody Americans. Got to fly now. Stay patriotic.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Excerpts from Hermit’s Memoirs: “My first Chinese American Pizza”

Bremen — As we all know, China was subjected to a century-and-a-half of humiliation and cruelty at the hands of the Western imperialist forces. There are many small stories of Chinese individual fates which add up to the big historical picture, and Hermit, a well-known Taoist scientist and expert on Western imperialism and its everlasting snaky schemes, has some stories to share, concerning the more recent history. The following are excerpts from his memoirs (to be published in 2010), and in the following episode, he remembers his years of hardship as a student in Northern Germany, probably somewhere around 1990.

click here for the BIG pictureUnce Upon a Time in Bremen-Hemelingen: Hermit's Chinese American Pizza

Unce Upon a Time in Bremen-Hemelingen: Hermit's Chinese American Pizza

Once upon a time in Bremen-Hemelingen, when I was a student of natural sciences in Germany, I opened a pizza parlor with some compatriot classmates. We called our pizza the Chinese American Pizza, but those stupid German passer-bys only looked at our big billboard and laughed in a silly way. When our market research team asked them why they were laughing, they said that American Pizza was just American Pizza, and that it was as simple as that.

We made the earnest representation to them that pizza was Italian before it was American, and that the Americans only stole it, and that it was silly to say that American pizza was hotter than Italian pizza or the original Chinese Pizza (invented in 2749 before 1949). It was only because of America’s so-called soft power that they, the Germans, found American pizza cooler than Italian or Chinese American pizza. But despite our patience and endurance, our representations didn’t really sink in. *)

So after a while, we started selling noodle soup and fried rice instead, which worked much better. For the time being, we had to live with that typically German bias. Their limits on our products were also typical examples for their slave mentality which became rampant after the Americans had won the war against them. As there are also some racist restrictions on Chinese students who want to run a business in Germany, we used a Germany-born Chinese dummy, and it worked alright.

But once the soft power of our motherland has grown to its due strength, we will come back to Bremen-Hemelingen and open a Chinese American Pizza parlor there.

Or a Chinese American Italian Pizza Parlor. Or a Chinese Italian Pizza Parlor, because America won’t count anymore. Or a Chinese Pizza Parlor. It will depend on our market research.


*) The background behind their narrow-mindedness was of course obvious. If they had admitted that American Pizza is really Chinese American Pizza, they would have had to admit that Taipei is really Chinese Taipei, too! Germans are very logical people, but they are particularly “logical” (in a perverted way) when they are trying to maintain their anti-Chinese bias!


Hermit’s Memoirs (Working Title: A Patriotic Student Travels the World) will be published by the Central Government Document Publishing House late next year. In accordance with the CCP’s Historical Resolution, the publishing will be done in accordance with The Historical Resolution, they won’t be published overseas, and these excerpts will appear exclusively on JR’s Beautiful Blog.


Hermit’s Childhood and the Beautiful Stone, July 27, 2009

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