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Saturday, June 12, 2010

World Soccer Cup: The Three Measurements

Each of the 34 Chinese models represents one team participating in the South Africa World Soccer Cup 2010, in a babe parade (世界杯宝贝). Maybe it’s a good omen for the German team. After all, 白姝羽 or Crystalher three measurements (三围): 84/60/89 -, is carrying the trophy, and she, umm, represents Germany.

World Soccer Cup: The 34 Represents

World Soccer Cup: Four out of 34 Represents

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Shaolin Monastery: A Monk and his Merits

Zhengzhou / Dengfeng City (登封市), Henan Province — Shaolin Monastery won’t become a shareholder in a new tourism company which will seek to list in 2011 in either Hong Kong or on the Chinese mainland, Clifford Coonan of The Independent quotes Shi Yongxin (释永信), the monastery’s abbot. That said, abbot Shi has an undeniable sense for business: the temple’s list of commercial achievements would put any theme park to shame. The monastery’s management could and still can draw on the place’s traditional popularity with people at home and abroad, among them Kangxi (康熙帝), the Qing Dynasty’s second emperor (a Manchu and himself half-a-foreigner to China back then).

But it wasn’t popular with everyone. The monastery is certainly in need of solid funding, as it was destroyed or damaged many times during the imperial times, by warlords during the Republican era, then by the Japanese in 1941, and once again by the Red Guards.

Traditionalists distrust both the Wushu adaptation of Kung-fu by the PRC, and Shaolin’s commercialization. Both came with the post-Mao era, the policies of reform and opening. Allegedly, abbot Shi himself also reaped some fruits of the new times, by accepting a brand-new luxury car for his services to the local tourist industry.

It seems that as a party to the controversial plan, Shaolin Monastery would have entered as a shareholder via a company more or less of its own, the Songshan Shaolin Shaolin Cultural Scenic Area Co. Ltd. (少林景区的嵩山少林文化有限公司).

The company reportedly open for investment is the Songshan Shaolin Culture and Tourism Co. Ltd., co-established on December 27, 2009, by Songshan Shaolin Culture and Tourism Group Co., Ltd. (嵩山少林文化旅游集团有限公司), wholly owned by the Zhengfeng City Government, and China Travel International Investment Hong Kong Ltd. (香港中旅国际投资有限公司). The China Travel International Investment Hong Kong Ltd. itself is wholly owned by the China National Travel Service (HK) Group Corporation (中国港中旅集团公司), which again is a state-owned enterprise under the direction of the of the State Council’s State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (or 国务院国资委).

The China Travel International Investment Hong Kong Ltd. has a share of 49 per cent in Songshan Shaolin Culture and Tourism Group’s registered capital of 100 million Yuan RMB. And Songshan Shaolin Shaolin Cultural Scenic Area Co. Ltd. – i.e. Shaolin Monastery itself – doesn’t have a share in it, according to the disclaimers.


The above is the background according to JR’s (possibly limeted) understanding of the Chinese articles linked to in this post.


State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (国务院国有资产监督管理委员会) official website (in English)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Steiff Stuffed Animals: Closer to Home

Steiff GmbH is reportedly phasing out production in China after six years. Back then, the dapper company had created a cheap brand, Cosy Friends.

One reason to cease the China engagement was quality. The Financial Times Deutschland quotes the company’s executive director as saying that the company had underestimated their own strength: producing a stuffed animal isn’t that easy after all. A strong fluctuation of employees at Steiff’s Chinese contractual partner didn’t help either. It took a seamstress eight to twelve months to meet the standards – but hardly any of them stayed that long. Which made the executive director worry that they might join competing companies.

This doesn’t mean that much of the production that went away years ago will be relocated to Germany. Steiff is expanding its production in Portugal, but particularly in Tunisia. It takes people no shorter there to meet the quality requirements. But the Tunisian employees are unlikely to move to a competitor overnight. Sidi Bouzid, the production site, is far away from the rest of the world, in Tunisia’s hinterland.

Implementing new projects across the Mediterranean is also easier, than communicating across most of Asia. And new products, once they have been made in Portugal or Tunesia, reach their markets much more quickly.

It’s for similar reasons that athletic shoes for the United States’ markets in the 1990s were – or maybe still are – made in Mexico to quite an extent. That said, the really functional (and often more expensive) shoes mostly came from the Far East. As they weren’t subject to frequent, even minor, fashion changes, production processes could go on unchanged for long periods – long enough to produce quantities which would justify the time it took to meet the quality standards of American headquarters. Contrary to stuffed animals, runners are usually no collector’s items.


Every Fifth German Company Leaving China, August 4, 2008

“China is increasingly losing attraction”, The Telegraph, July 3, 2008

Friday, April 24, 2009

The Strength of the Chinese Navy

The strength of the Chinese Navy (中国海军实力集中展示)

Good morning, Vietnam.

Good morning, Vietnam.

CCTV, April 23 » [youtube link, now broken – Jan 23, 2010]

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I feel proud of being a CPPCC member to participate in the deliberation and administration of state affairs. I will fulfill my commitment with the joint effort with all the members.

I am so young that I need to learn first.

Lu Liu Xiang, Anxious about CPPCC Debut »


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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Zeal of Living

Last year I had a discussion with another blogger about spirituality and what it can do to save peoples’ lives. He replied that spirituality doesn’t necessarily “save” people, that spirituality can be both good or evil, but that someone either believed in something transcendent beyond mere DNA replication, or he would be amoral otherwise.

Our discussion gave me some insights into my own values from a new perspective. I wouldn’t ever deny that there may be some kind of God, because it doesn’t make sense to negate something without evidence. That life on the other side of the cupboard, assumed by many people, is beyond confirmation or rejection for me. I can only discuss matters that I can feel or see.

But above all, our discussion made me feel that many religious peoples’ notion that only someone religious or spiritual – or someone whose views transcend mere materialism – can appreciate the value that life has.

I believe that I have this one life. I know when it began, but I don’t know when it will end. I don’t really understand either its beginning or its end, but I can make the best of it. I can open my senses to the world and “do nothing” – one might call that meditation, but it is no established methodology for me. I can make choices and fight. I can make a choice and I can love someone. I can make friends with people. I can make enemies, too. I can smoke and wonder how much it is enjoyment, and how much it is addiction.

When working hard, I can feel how my awareness is becoming stronger. When I’m working hard, I’m usually also best at writing some bullshit on this blog – sometimes pretty good bullshit, I think. I feel the intensity of life best when working hard. I’m best at sports when having worked hard just before. I’m also best at more playful competition after working hard. And I’m best at doing nothing after having worked hard just before.

I think it was Wilhelm Lehmann, a German poet, who used the term “zeal of being”. As far as I can tell, he was a religious man, as he referred to the world as a creation, and if he was religious, he might also be a good example for my spritual blogging colleague’s bid that spirituality can be both for good or evil. Because Lehmann was a lifetime civil servant, he joined the Nazi party in May 1933 – according to wikipedia -, for fear of losing his job otherwise. But he was a great poet, and although his poems were probably religiously motivated, I can relate to them in my own way without being religious myself.

So there must be something beyond and outside religion that can make people value life. That makes sense to me anyway. After all, if you believe in only one life, you might cherish it all the more. Life is nothing that I could take for granted. When you believe in one life, the one on this side of the cupboard, you might cherish other peoples’ lives, too. Just as much as someone who believes that life is a divine gift or loan.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Closer Ties: Global Shoe Count

Wen Jiabao: one

George W. Bush: two

Imelda Marcos: 2,120

The rumor goes that Imelda Marcos was a shoe slut which would make her a xie po xie.

But only if true which is probably not.

Hexie on the other hand means either Harmony or With Shoes.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Diego is back from Beijing

Some friends went to the Weser Stadium on Saturday. They have a ticket to every home play of Werder Bremen. And Diego is back from the Olympic Games – his attendence there (and the absence during a Werder training session) had angered many Werder Bremen fans.

But he was back, and on Saturday, he cracked the defence formation of Energie Cottbus – late, but not too late. Once the East Germans were forced to open up for attacks of their own, Frings and Sanogo were free to put Cottbus over the edge with two more scores.

Is Diego forgiven? Not quite, at least not in the smoke-filled small pub where I was watching. After the game, Diego was interviewed, and spoke through an interpreter. “Time for him to learn German”, grumbled one of the elders.

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