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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Windhoek: Nuctech-related Court Hearings again postponed

A High Court ruling on the constitutionality of sections of the Anti-Corruption Act and the Prevention of Organised Crime Act is being awaited before a starting date can be set for the trial of Public Service Commission member Teckla Lameck, her business partner, Kongo Mokaxwa, and Chinese national Yang Fan, who are accused of defrauding the Ministry of Finance […],

the Namibian reported on January 20. The proceedings had originally been postponed until January 19 this year.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Namibia: Nuctech-related Court Hearings Postponed until January

Two defendents in a Namibian corruption case are challenging key parts of Namibia’s Anti-Corruption Act of 2003 and the Prevention of Organised Crime Act of 2004 for doubts in their constitutionality, The Namibian reported in March. The legality of the appointment of senior Cabinet member Pendukeni Iivula-Ithana as both Minister of Justice and Attorney-General in 2005 was reportedly also questioned by the two defendents.

Apparently on Monday, High Court Judge President Petrus Damaseb postponed further hearings of the two defendents, Teckla Lameck and Kongo Mokaxwa, and of a third defendent in the same case, Yang Fan, a former representative of Chinese company Nuctech, until January 19, 2012.

Three High Court judges will hear the constitutional challenges on November 29 this year, the Republikein reported on Monday.

The three defendents are free on bail, according to the Namibian’s report of March.



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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Nuctech Namibia: Defense questions Asset Freeze

The three defendants in the Nuctech corruption probe are free on bail, but their assets have remained frozen. Counsellors Gauntlett, Heathcote and Muller are focusing on the question whether an interim assets restraint order that was given by the Judge President on July 6 should now be made a final order, or if it should be lifted, with the effect that the frozen assets would be returned to the control of Lameck, Mokaxwa, Yang and other parties cited in the case (article by Werner Menges of The Namibian, published online by Britain-based The Zimbabwean). There was no evidence before the court of an offence allegedly committed, except for a claim that Lameck contravened the Public Service Commission Act by not getting the President’s consent for her to do other paid work outside her job as a Public Service Commissioner, Gauntlett said.

According to Windhoek’s Allgemeine Zeitung, Gauntlett argued that Prosecutor Nelius Becker‘s facts hadn’t been complete and that he had failed to inform Lameck that her assets were frozen. There was also no sufficient evidence of corruption. Judge President Petrus Damaseb reportedly replied that as a Public Service Commissioner, Lameck had not been entitled to hold jobs outside the commission. This was, after all, corruption.

The prosecution is scheduled to make a statement today.


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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Windhoek: Court grants Bail in Nuctech Corruption Probe

Windhoek Magistrate’s Court granted bail to the three suspects in the Nuctech corruption probe, against opposition from the prosecution who fear that the suspects may interfere with investigations, or leave the country, writes South Africa’s News 24. The suspects are to be released after payment. The Namibian High Court will on Friday rule whether to release the frozen assets of the three suspects, Teckla Lameck, her business partner and fellow member of Teko Trading CC, Kongo Mokaxwa, and Chinese national Yang Fan shall be released. In July, the suspects’ bail application had been delayed by the defense, as one of them didn’t have funds to pay for his legal representation.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Nuctech Graft Probe: Statement by Mrs Lameck, no Statement by Finance Minister

A shortage of money prevented a bail application by Teckla Lameck, her business partner and fellow member of Teko Trading CC, Kongo Mokaxwa, and Chinese national Yang Fan, reports The Namibian, quoted by The Zimbabwean today. According to the same report, defence lawyer Sisa Namandje, who is representing all three detained suspects, told Magistrate Gerrit van Pletzen yesterday that whereas his clients’ bail application was supposed to start yesterday, one of them does not have funds to pay for his legal representation at this stage. Teckla Lameck is quoted as commenting on conditions in the female section of Windhook Central Prison that “the winter is bitterly cold and the cells have no hot water or electricity.” She stated in an affidavit that there had been “no contractual duty on Nuctech to inform the Finance Ministry that any sub-contractor had been appointed by Nuctech as an agent”. In an agreement of May 19 2008, Nuctech agreed to pay her company Teko Trading US$12,828 million – the exact same amount that the Finance Ministry had agreed five days earlier to pay Nuctech as a first payment under its agreement with the Chinese company – as a commission on the contract Nuctech and the Finance Ministry had signed.

Another Namibian paper, Informanté, by their own account tried to interview finance minister Saara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila by phone, but were told that she was “not a subject of Informanté. I am quite busy now”.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Namibia Nuctech Graft Investigation

Correct me if I’m wrong… But so far, all we know is that Yang Fan and two Namibians, Teckla Lameck and Jerobeam Mokaxwa, were arrested after Namibia’s Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) discovered that a US$12.8 million down payment on 13 scanners had been diverted to a firm called Teko Trading.


Monday, July 20, 2009

Nuctech: Investigations in EU and Namibia

Namibia is investigating allegations of bribery in a government contract with Chinese state-owned Nuctech Company Ltd, reports the BBC. State chairman Hu Jintao‘s son Hu Haifeng was president of the firm until last year when he was promoted to a post with Tsinghua Holdings, the group that controls Nuctech and a number of other companies, according to the BBC report. Nuctech originates from Tsinghua University, according to its website. Hu Jintao graduated from the specialty of hub hydropower stations of the Department of Water Conservancy Engineering of Tsinghua University, and his engineering and political career is apparently closely connected with Tsinghua University.

One of the world’s leading makers of x-ray scanners for airports and ports and supplying every Chinese airport with security devices, it Nuctech has been accused of plying customers with soft loans from the Chinese government to pay for its machines. The European Commission says it is in the middle of a full investigation, reports the Telegraph.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Communication Barriers: “Not just Someone from Chinatown”

Yang Fan (杨帆), a former representative of Chinese company Nuctech, asked Namibian High Court judge president Petrus Damaseb in June to provide him with a competent interpreter, not just someone from China Town, as he had been struggling to follow court proceedings.  The judge said he would do his best to find him a good interpreter.

Yang, along with two Namibian officials, was arrested in summer 2009, but released on bail in August that same year. He apparently hasn’t been allowed to leave the country since.

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